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Sugar high
Did I tell you I was bullet proof?
Yes so I am.


In the dragon's lair
The air will ignite
In one harmless whiff of wind
So quiet
Quiet while I breathe

When I pass vertical ponds
Horizontally rippling pausing motions
I am shocked
I fall through thin ice
My scales glimmer dull
My mighty wings gossamer
I am one harmless whiff of wind

I am a tower
I am a sun
I am a mountain

Laughter, beneath this fire breath
I know the days are numbered
But the mind is not
I know these claws will fall out and falter
But the heart will not

I am a dragon

Sugar High Dragon
july 27 2001
but i am.
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miss-conception Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2001
you are..impossible!~ :) (Smile)

i feel the fire, the rush, the heightened senses, bringing me to the center of your sugar powered force.. a splendid thing, faultless and unchanged, the seed inside the core.

umbilikal Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2001   Writer

Sounds like a lecture of a guru to his disciples. I liked the poem, but I've read so many about dragons lately. Not on DeviantArt...just in general.
locussolus Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2001
invincible dragon!
is it the titanium
or the shiny green scales
that make you
so powerful?

i think

skyOrange Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2001
you are.

jsenn Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2001
I would LOVE for sugar
to do this to me.
Sugar makes me sleep in lethargic allergy.
You the magic dragon
must be crystal teethed.
The scales the towering
and the gossamer wings
slide my mind into imaginings.
Sugar high, how sweet, how sweet.

lustrum Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2001   Writer
wow, this surprised me. the saddened overtone raptured by the valor of timelessness! grand, and very original allaroundabout (if it wasnt a word, it is now) -- indeed.

;) (Wink)

Rushing towards singularity.
faithwalker Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2001  Student Photographer
For a a moment I became the dragon with you, I felt those gossamer wings and the dull glimmering scales.

Your prowess with words inspire me!


Constant and Never ending improvement

babysista Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2001
so you're the dragon huh? a little egotistical aren't you? =D (Big Grin) j/k. i get where you're going with this. you feel you are strong but as a mortal, you are still weak and hence you are reassuring yourself that you will still live on when you're gone. did i get that right? cause i need to brush up on this kinda thing.
anyway.. yea.. nice imagery and very creative world you've created. it's not everyday you find someone wit the ability to free themselves from the shackles of the 3rd dimension.


savis Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
Great description, dragons are such magnificent creatures and it's a sad thing that they don't exist :( (Sad)

I wonder where this dragon flies, or is he dead already?

Truly a beautifull poem.

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July 27, 2001
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