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parasite roses
mouth open wide
soft lips wet with dew
dazzling theif
caught anew, under the shining sun - june
felt a bit of a loon
crying for your red
thorns gently bleeding, bed
gently pleading

i brood over you
your white coat
sends distress
waving gales duress
i, with my fingernails
scraping stones and bones powdered blew

away, in this mind
unfeeding, do

parasite roses
june 11, 2001
a weekend
a weend rains on a frigid consciousness
whiles souls about her
float in blind unrest

in this water laden season borne
white coats on the roses thorns
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kabookie123 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2001
In this mind,
breathing, do
Words play wonderful games
through you.

simply amazing, i leave for a few long days and i return to such wonderful words. i have been going through the backlogs to catch up and i feel i need to stop. The vast imagery, the phantasmal dream. My mind screams NO MORE, overloaded with joy my heart scream, GO ON. and i trust, my heart is true.
Riding a Phantom Lullaby
cooper Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2001
woah, this blew my mind..... the form is kick ass.... i dont know what sadwings is talkn about... anyways keep writing its kick ass stuff

sadwings1 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2001
Beautiful imagery...I get reflection of loss from it....make the reader connect with him/herself....true poetry.

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miss-conception Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2001
i worry less, but care, nonetheless, how this poet will moan o'er lavish parasite red roses. for i know her soul would take a bowl of heavenly gold rushes across the blue sprayed sky anyway, feeding us mortals, while her own hunger remains in summer drought. (ackh :( (Sad) me..feels pain..)

i see this poet as strong, in a "strange" way, that came from using 'duress' to add impact on the 'waving gales' if saying "The force! Your force! Force unto me..I will scrape you.." (see, mari, it twists wisely hehe)

then, i saw this poet as forgiving soon after, because she used the word "powdered blew" if by magic, the white distressed ashes turned into blue (y'know how those fantasy-magical stuff sprinkles silver streaks of blue hehe)...and then this turned into faith, blowing into absence, blowing into presence, maybe reaching, maybe at least it, consistently so!) :) (Smile)

lustrum Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2001   Writer
insane imagery again. unique and odd, as always. and, i noticed, you used "duress" almost as a verb. strange twists of the wrists, methinks.

Rushing towards singularity.
jsenn Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2001
the motion of an ocean
inside thought
apart from work
it might have once been pleasure
but the heart is now in peacework
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June 11, 2001
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