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Nothing in My Mind
(a little sonnet)

Just Nothing came into my missing mind,
Though I invited Something to join me
In my buried thinking so I can find
Any Anything to make me happy;
I served Nothing, and waited on Nothing,
Hoping, as if waiting for summer's day
After a slow clock held on for Something,
That Any Anything will come a-pass my way;
But Something never reached the rocky road
That led to come a-pass my heart and soul,
Nor laid light on Anything, Nothing rode
A horse and conquered, trapped me in a bowl
Of Nothingness; for Something never came,
Any Anything never played the game.

Yea, t'was quite a coil of time ago, the knotted end buried under a pile of tangled thoughts. MA asked us to write a sonnet, after sampling shakespeare. And so I sat, waiting for the muse...

skyOrange Featured By Owner May 28, 2001
when fused together, englishslangtagalog is quite german sounding, donchathink?

the date struck me. 1991? Somebody made us write a sonnet? ah! i remember.. i think i wrote Something in the back of my notebook. if i'd check the pages of my mind to recall that sonnet, would i remember Anything? i'd probably recall Nothing. but It's in the notebook.. or Something..

jsenn Featured By Owner May 27, 2001
Oh, My.
And I really, really wanted to make Something out of this but I am like you tonight and Nothing came. Nothing on second thought will do at this point because Anything did not pass by. And then you just never know if Nothing and Anything together would make Something anyhow. It's been my experience that Something must have some sort of basis or it quickly becomes Nothing whether Anything is there or not.
*licks her fingers* yummy, that was fun.... LOL
miss-conception Featured By Owner May 27, 2001
Have you ever wondered..if the mind is missing, where would it possibly be? Trapped in dark energy?

Anything will be. It just is. Nothing is mostly there, coated and embroided in virtually empty breeze of messages...substance a plenty, yet it snarls at us when we try to fully understand or grasp it (anyways, we can't grasp Nothing, can we?), or tried to bring upon Everything into the nothingness of Nothing's plane. Something said, "you can count on me" but that's because it is Something. Logically, we can't count on Anything or Something if we know Nothing of it. But we're mostly half-witted beings. So Anything will lead to Something, and Nothing will come out of it..
(i don't know how to comment on this poem, so these words came out simply after reading it~)

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May 27, 2001
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