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Mayo Uno

I march with you
On the streets of my mind
Do you wish it too?
Freedom of a different kind

Out there exposed you shout
And what brings us to the streets today?
With life, dignity, money, clout
Were you paid, or did you pay?

I march with you
On the streets so unkind
Over which helicopters flew
For Freedom nobody can find

In here secluded I scream
With the same shackles I am bound
Away, I mirror your dream
Broken, its shards fall to the ground

I march with you
On the streets of the blind
Don't you see it too?
Threads of truth, they unwind.

SLN 5/1/2001
we are waiting for democracy
we are waiting for respect
we are waiting to be heard
we are waiting for truth

who are we?
to the ones who take to the streets in peaceful protes
to the ones who marched at Quebec
to the ones who would not rest
to the ones who marched at EDSA

image from [link]
shotgun1a Featured By Owner May 9, 2001
I like the feel of this one Suma. And I like how you managed (in the poem itself, disregarding the intro) to keep from dating it any more than was absolutely unavoidable. I never like poetry that is unnecessarily dated via language, but you didn't do it; even though protest marches are decidedly dated event (more or less) you still kept specific references out of it, and I think that makes the whole thing work.

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May 1, 2001
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