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o matriarch
how your children weep
when you weep
when you cry in pain, invoking god
your children wear nothing but despair
exposed to the cold

in this midst
we remember, with a small effort
how stern and strong-willed
tough and toungued
you were
your children talk back
inside they shake like leaves
in a july typhoon

the self interludes:
[in this room
where i have stayed
to watch you
you see me wearing a sweater
you are annoyed that i am wearing
warm clothes while you sweat
and say
that i am not helping at all
i cry on the phone

at home, with a decent excuse
i sat at the commode
cradling my stomach and its contents
will i inherit your pains
i am you in many ways]

matriarch, o
we watch as you sink in your bed
your pains swimming in morphina
they will beach later
whales collapsing under their own weight
amorphous now, and maybe late

september 16, 2001

death in the family

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ciudadlejana Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2002
i'd vote LOVE DEVIATION!!!
in reading this i was reminded of Arundhati Roy's novel -The God of Small Things- and Sandra Cisneros's -The House on Mango Street-

Reality is a constant source of pain -- Anas Nin
jsenn Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2001
It's hard to watch, hard to hear, hard to wait. No one wants to wish for the blessed end which is near. But you take the time to touch. You get to say goodbye. You get to say I love you before the time, before the time. Bless you Mari, I know how much you loved your grandma.
jjfester Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2001   Writer
man, this is great. extremely powerful and epic...great job, and sorry for your loss

operator Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2001
struggling with things to say.
these are,.. our most reflective moments.

where we learn how to appreciate, all over again. and how beautiful you have relayed that growth.

[how may i direct your call?]
ramdom Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
~ a truly mythic epitaph, mari.

my heart reaches out to you as i know how silent and unforgiving death of a loved one is. no one reaches beyond it's grasp, but as we reach inside we find many emotions and shades of grief that help us decipher that aching loss.

with these ethereal words you write,

thank you for helping me to remember...

aysel Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2001
wow.. this is really powerful.... I'm speechless

how amazing the human mind is, and how amazingly ignorant the human mind can be...
rajivmathur Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2001
my deepest condolences.

corrodingsun Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2001
this seems to be about loss somehow and close to you.
i jsut wnated to say that i really think and believe there is no death.

Lazarus Amen
locussolus Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2001
im so sorry for your loss. you know that. the poem is just great. youve woven somthing out of pain, something pure. this is the original wing...
meglocrush Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2001
this is amazing. it is so beautifully written and flows perfectly. like faith said, this is elegant. i cant think of a better word. so sad, so moving.

(im not as eem as you think i am)
faithwalker Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2001  Student Photographer
Your most elegant, wonderful poem yet!

You are an inspiration!



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