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got out the notepad

my mind, my mind, swirling heavily like cream in black coffee.
is this a story.
i don't really want to think right now.
cellos again, those damned cellos. soundtracking the loss within, there she goes. on rice paper, tears can fall... blotching the white while the moon gnaws at the sky. seems to float onto that place forever being sought.
these are petal thoughts falling from the flower, dim, christ this love is growing thin. tell me when and tell me how this will, will it ever, end. damned cellos sin, veiled fin to swim in a purple sea.

do you understand? no you're not supposed to say that. this is not meant to touch you, look away while you can. the wind has hair too you know, pulling itself tight, tangled in light and shadow. how can i tell, something is running deep. how a chasm fits into a frail body like this, i don't dare to know.

i'm riding , i'm riding through gray snow, above high, don't tell me i know, there flies, the dragon with gossamer wings... in the evening's flow finally, will finally...

the soul's head, where it lays, i wish to offer, calloused hands as pillow, blood warm blanket. need this warmth? maybe not, but take it, i give you, i always give you, i cannot give you.

damned cellos. Crouching tiger hidden dragon soundtrack: :farewell:

always breaks my heart. always.
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corrodingsun Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2001
unless most of your other poems, and in contradiction to bittersweet, this one does not make me think.
it makes me feel, rather. there is no secret divine notion of bliss this time. Loss!

Lazarus Amen
aos Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2001   Interface Designer
your writings cease to amaze me; in this one you've captured exactly what i've tried repeatedly, only to fail. not only have you captured that, but you've also managed to paint a masterpiece, with such lines like "the wind has hair too you know, pulling itself tight, tangled in light and shadow." an amazing work.

-aos - neg.
bubblz Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2001
Your words seem to twinkle with the magic and truth they contain. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is one of my favorite movies and you're so right 'bout the cellos. This is an incredible poem. I love it. :) (Smile)

btrsweet Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2001
your poems always make me think...

:) (Smile)

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August 21, 2001
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