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I had nothing in this logical hell. Nothing of apparent value to the three dimensional quality of life.

But the only things I had, I had to sell to reach that impossible portal.

I gave my youth to the Bridgekeeper of Time.
I gave my senses to the Torturer.
I gave my strength of will to the Worm of Self-Destruction.

And each time brought me closer to the portal, but each brought me ever farther from the reason why I wanted to reach that portal.

I gave my smile to the Hungry Black Infant Void, who is never pleased, but always and not always just emanating unbearable sadness and pain.
I gave my Imagination to the Mediocre Creator.

And now I am close to the portal with him in it, and had almost no desire to be anywhere near it anymore but also had no knowledge of why.

I gave my logic to the Prince of Logical Hell, so that he may destroy it in his deep belly.
And all I had left was that I knew him.
middle part.

scanned photo of a painting done by me up there.

Eternal Logic - One [link]
miss-conception Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2001
i felt as if this remarkable (but tragic?)phenomenon grew in me..though i still don't quite know what this is all about, i don't think i'll ever geddit..mind too. . s l o.w..

you call it Hungry Black Infant Void. i call them VOLCANOES. *brr* somehow, i feel like i think about this "logical hell" and "logical heaven" all the time. don't know. hm.

hovering in the now
knitting Nothing into time
Something is left, when All is given -
1) an inch of Logical memory,
2) an eternal Knowing
3) distant acknowledgement

ok. me carry mind to 3rd prt now..~

sakura Featured By Owner May 31, 2001   Interface Designer
very nice peice of art..very nice poem...

me neeps more sleep
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