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And I was near that portal, with no love, no freedom, no hope or imagination and no reasons why.
But to call him was to give up knowing him. So nothing was left really. In calling for recognition I agree to lose it.

I bought my transdimensional voice with the only thing I had left.


And he looked and did not recognize me. And who was he, stranger, looking at me with his comet pen? Another trick of this place where am I. The strange one looked and then some kind of door closed and I turned around towards the darkness.
Third and last part of a daydream.
jsenn Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2001
The ending struck me very hard. I wanted him to reach to you, to recognize you and he didn't. Now I think my theory inside the truth of this daydream is wrong....but I must let it rest there, for the reality is often more terrible than the dream. For some reason I want to say, I am sorry, Mari. There. It is
miss-conception Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2001
and I shall remain primitive..
me, with my "?"
watching the I of You
conveying the emotion of
because the eye of me
sees it unfortunate that the portal
was reached -Here and 3D.Now-
out of reach from
WHY. oh. you..


like i said, i don't know if i geddit, hence the "?"...but i love the non-industrial feel of all three parts. both the painting and the stories (or storied? hm.) always seem to be on the height of your thoughts. hrmp.~ =) (Smile)

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June 4, 2001
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