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Eternal Logic

We died in a car accident.

We left the three-dimensional space of a universe and migrated to ones of higher dimensionality. He went upsilon to the four dimensional logical heaven and I went delta to the four dimensional logical hell. The three dimensional universe was in between these two universes.

From logical hell I could see through the three dimensional universe onto logical heaven. It's as is if a two dimensional transparent wall separated two three dimensional rooms. I realized the dwellers of logical heaven are spared the pain of seeing logical hell, but the dwellers of logical hell are not spared the anguish of watching the pure souls in bliss upsilon in logical heaven. The three dimensional world was like a one way mirror between us.

Logical hell is a dark place filled with mindless inconsistencies of logic. There are no laws of physics or logic, no laws of love or freedom, no laws even just to become familiar with. Nothing obeys nothing. Everything is a lie and at the same time everything is truth.

I found him in there in logical heaven, sitting on a silver chair, holding a comet and deriving the mathematics of his dimension. I was watching from a gape of space yawning with an abysmal sadness, delta in logical hell.

Sometimes I think I am watching him and he sees me, but it's only one of the angry cruel truth-lies of logical hell, and he is seeing me for who I am and I was not who I really was.

I fancied that there was a portal somewhere. There had to be, for if this hell were really truly cruel it would give its inhabitants some false hope. I searched for the portal to logical heaven, and surmised, I probably could not ever go through, but maybe he can see me through this portal, a hole in the mirror of happiness that will reveal the pain behind it.
i was waiting before posting this, i had painted a graphic to go with it, but i already gave it to penguin. three panels in acrylic.

so then this will be in three parts.
miss-conception Featured By Owner May 30, 2001
i won't pretend that i understand everything of what you were trying to say, mari. but i thought the story made great sense. scary..seeing how logical hell seems so familiar.
i don't know how the portal navigates through this space between logical hell and logical heaven. but i'm sure, at some point, it has passed me by, and during that fraction of a moment, i'm sure someone managed to take a peek through that portal, and saw me, upside down, maybe. or inside out. but whatever. the thing is, i never thought much of this 'portal'. until this story, i never knew what it was. so i must thank you.
hmm. is there a compass we can hold, to tell us where we're heading in this less-than-universal universe?

looking forward to part 2..~

jsenn Featured By Owner May 28, 2001

The whole part one of the glorious Eternal Logic, including the death and the logic hell and the logic heaven read like a speeding bullet. I did not know where it was going, where it was headed, what it all meant to me and you, for we do relate to a writing in colors of our own consciousness, whether we write it or read it...sometimes we see the other as silk smoke vaporized before the eye and sometimes it stands square footed, solid on the ground, immovable.

It sped into my reader's brain which is 'always' tethered, somehow, to my heart. It swirled around in and out and through pinholes of understanding and today it all swirled into this verse:

"Sometimes I think I am watching him and he sees me, but it's only one of the angry cruel truth-lies of logical hell, and he is seeing me for who I am and I was not who I really was."

That's where it stopped. It slid up and down each line, carressed each important word and then sat above it spotlighted so I could not read the poem again and make sure that this was the whole was.......perhaps only to me, I thought, but then I thought, sometimes I come out of someone's words, with knowledge and truth that only I can claim. Maybe that is alright with the author? And then I think I must say it this way, because saying this is Mari makes me tremble. (one may be more honest, more outspoken, more open in this forum, than in any other place in one's life)
sumalangitnawa Featured By Owner May 27, 2001
oh yes, i should note that the use of "upsilon" and "delta" was taken from C. Pickover's "Surfing through Hyperspace"

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