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Encoded Uncertainy by sumalangitnawa Encoded Uncertainy by sumalangitnawa
i was tempted to put this under "freehand"
(gets mo?)

feedback is appreciated
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jsenn Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2001
How beautiful this is. I saw your icon two or three? days ago. I thought, how artistic and beautifully done that is. I did not see the words. You did this! This is your hand? I should have known.

A wide palm and long fingers cradle nature wrapped in tiny beads and delicate words.

How absolutely appropriate and telling. I had assumed the truth in this image about you. You constantly reaffirm my assumption, but knowing the facts does not negate the awe I still feel in your presence, for this image is once sacred, at once natural, at once wise and loving and tender. This is beautiful, Mari, I greatly admire your talent in creating the purity inside this image.
skyOrange Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2001

i saw your icon first before i saw this full image, and i thought it was the hand of a saint.

this is amazing, mari. fantastic and amazing and artistic and great. i love every bit of it, everything in it. the hand, the sprigs, the beads (as if caught in motion with its position). done in great taste!

lustrum Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2001   Writer
sln, this is amazing! the delecate hand (yours?), the sprigs delecate as well. all so vibrantly colored. the positioning of the hand is casual, almost lifeless.

Rushing towards singularity.
sumalangitnawa Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2001
OMG!! i didn't even notice it. :0

I had meant the title to be "Encoded Uncertainty", not "...uncertainy"

that's what i get for sleeping 4 hours every other day. LOL

hesitation Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow. This looks amazing. It's a photograph, but at the same time it has so much more to it. Amazing work, the quality of the picture. Thank you for creating this. *smiles*

olya Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
i like.

damaged people are dangerous, they know they can survive
sumalangitnawa Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2001
thanks. typography... anybody have any suggestions? i'm a newbie at computer graphics.

by the way, this piece is inspired by truly wonderful and original art fromm Lieve Prins /

You will see that her work is infitely more complex than this latenight scanning frenzy.

rethan Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2001
Yet another splendid picture!! Your work is always refreshing and dazzles with delicious intricacies. It's always a joy to see what you'll come up with next. :) (Smile)
dottribal Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2001
an absolute superb piece, and beautiful idea. you did a really great job on this. i'd like to see a little bit better typography along with it..but all in all i really like it...
miss-conception Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2001
i went around, tracing for a half-starved crow that was felt alive, in there. i tried to locate its experience. instead, the eyes, the eternal felt. as if frozen.

free hand indeed ;) (Wink) i think the hand, with the sprigs, is a language of itself..already~
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June 7, 2001
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