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Effluvia of Snow


beneath the trees
above the winter breeze
to travel here
diffracted light years
beyond the drifts
behind a wooden shack
the snow shifts
its flakes a fearful pack
silent and waiting
on its face, melting
tears? regret?
as he emanates
his feet is unwet

in the velvet black
and crystal night
filled soundless song
lush mysteries grope
here slicing cold the sky's embrace
Faith walks, his somber pace
and let his light reveal
the invisibly concealed
the rabid rays of Hope

july 1 2001
That amazing image is a photo by ~faithwalker [link] I asked him if I could write a poem about it and he graciously agreed.

I was really struck by the image. Technically and visually, excellent, but on top of that it was very eerie and provocative.
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jsenn Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2001
Oh, Mari, this is a spectacular sound you made. It was as dreamy and whispered and beautiful as the image. Faith walks and lets his light reveal...the hope. It is beautiful. I suppose you saw Faithwalker's poem this evening Mari? id=55292
miss-conception Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2001
excellent,'s always interesting to watch what transpires through your observation and filling it to the brim with words.~
faithwalker Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2001  Student Photographer
You have given me chills! More chills than when I took the freezing photo.

I am humbled by you talent..... Thanks


Pay it forward

themadpoet Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2001
nice poem sumal.i like the visual, faith walker showed allot of faith in you to allow you to write to did it justice

words mean nothing without emotion some heart write a poem
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July 1, 2001
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