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Head heavy my neck refuses to hold
Fingers weary arms numb from the cold
The blank screen, waiting, for stories untold
The dry spell forbids flower to unfold

Those sick rhymes, leave me alone
With myself I shall rest, maybe atone
But tonight, or today, in the air's sole drone
I remain with the words, deaf to my groan

some time ago
found this. long dead poem. cpr. computerized poetic rescusitation.
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teaspoons Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2001
Very interesting image to go with your poem...I think it adds nicely.
Pull your skirt down girl, your fetish is showing!
jsenn Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2001
aos said, "weave the poem." That is a beautiful expression because your poetry is always woven of elements one does not equate with one moment. They are full of dichotomous directions 'woven' into the moment you write. I love your work. Sometimes a poem written, "some time ago" is so apropos for the 'now.' Sigh, and I think it's so you know, that we hit these 'places' where we yearn, wish, so desire those others when moments and days were filled with electricity in words and emotions, caring, loving motions which made our hearts absolutely sing. It is one of those valley's we go through I suppose, Mari. They say, things grow in the valleys, maybe the roots are establishing first, then that little curled fern leaf, capped by it's seed pod will unfurl into the sunlight. It is a surety...I have seen it happen many times, still, I always hope it will again.
skyOrange Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2001
hahaha. wacky description.
i've read other poets write about mental block (all writers do, i think). you did yours in your perfect style ;) (Wink)

aos Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2001   Interface Designer
the rhyming seems to weave the poem together in a sense that i haven't felt reading other poems, and with such beautiful imagery, it makes this piece genuine in so many senses.

-aos - neg.
faithwalker Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2001  Student Photographer
Well done! Me like it much!



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August 21, 2001
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