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Cold Night. She ran in black through the bodies spilling out of the cars, trying to catch the last train out of the desert town. Her breath condenses as her steps drip on the concrete platform. [Drip... drip... drip... drip, drip.] Velvetblack flutters. [Drip, dripdrip.] Riverblack unravels [dripdripdrip] ...tumbles down her shoulders. [Dripdripdripdrip] Glassblack beads swallowing the oncoming headlights of a train. Splash ~

Onto a seat, in another empty railcar. It is 5:54 and the desert town will be cold for one more minute. Cold Night waits for the train to move. She covers a clean page with flowing black ink. She is creator ~ with deft movements of her icy fingers she weaves a tapestry of words. Enchantress ~ she makes a door to another reality and she just might use it if the train doesn't move soon.

Portals such as this can be made almost anywhere. All that's needed ~ a drop of darkness. Cold Night is rife with darkness. She draws more mystery [mystery is a form of darkness] by wearing black. Sentient beings ignore her by falling. By falling asleep, by creating, unconsciously, their own portals.

The train groans on the numb metal tracks. The portal has changed now. The view, the space, the darkness has shifted. She realigns. She creates trees outside the car window - invisible. She is sure of their existence. If she steps out of the train, she can touch their wet bark and dripping leaves.

The darkness on the other side of the well-lit glass window moves with her virtual duplicate ~ an immaterial reality that is more visible than any god can hope to be ~ her own reflection. Within the same space, structures and cities, automobiles, lights. The others call those "reality". The reflections that exist in the same space they call "just reflections - not real". Who knows which is real? They were both out of her reach, out of her ability to communicate.

Cold Night invokes another reality when the train bounced on the tracks. One where the car contracts like an accordion, stands on one end, and folds under gravity. In this reality she grabs onto a handrail, dangles in mid-air [as the car sommersaults], slides along the length of its ceiling and lands on her burgundy boots on the far end door. She will emerge unscathed of course. Cold Night numbs the bruises.

She loves this train. With an inexplicable smirk she wishes that libraries moved on trains. Board, read, ride, conclude, disembark - the world is new. Travel in mind, travel with body. Shift, refocus, realign. She imagines all the portals that can be created.

walnuts, crackers and raisins
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Daily Deviation

Given 2002-04-02
In remembrance of a dear friend, this Tuesday's prose pick is Cold Night by sumalangitnawa. "Board, read, ride, conclude, disembark - the world is new." picked by keen. (Selected by +skyorange) ( Featured by skyOrange )
kervansaray Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011
this is so intricate. Respect.
five Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2002
We all miss you. Heart

This has my devvies vote.
bktec Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2002
when something is written so well that an image is beautifuly projected in the reader's mind, that is when you know that the words are no less then amazing. beautiful piece.
.no one can see everything on the other side of me
.let all the love inside the world belong to you
.i need music to set me free, to let me bleed
.pain is weakness leaving the body
jilian218 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2002
Just beautiful. nothing else to be said.
gaston Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002

your every word creates an image
and every image evokes an emotion,
which in turn rouses one to recollect -
all memories of you.

i love you, and i miss you badly.

lately, i've been staying away from reading your words, for in each of them, i see YOU - through the wonderful metaphors you present us with.

thanks for giving me the gift of breaking through the metaphors and seeing you.

take care.
Heart bubuya
(i hope i typed the right syntax for the heart)
seifernomiko Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002
Impressive. A good read.
keen Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002   Writer
mari... for you. :) (Smile)

sink / implode: id=234365
ibm586 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2002
makata + pintor = pambihirangnilalang
jsenn Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2002
this reminded me that there were notes connected to the
walnuts, crackers and raisins

description. Her food made me laugh, fish tacos and toast dunked in tea, I just thought dates sounded better than crackers, so I said it up there and she wrote me a note, Subject: dates? (it's all simple, light, but full of her energetic sound. These are the notes.


Deviant: ~sumalangitnawa
Date: Dec 28, 2001, 17:54:28
Subject: dates?
Status (1): Replied!

jLaughing y


i just remembered that i took a picture when i boarded the train. ill upload it with the poem when it gets developed.


jsenn said the following:

Mari Hi!

I have no idea. Something just came over me and dates sounded more delicious than crackers. hihihi

Don't forget to send me that picture! What an amazing work that was, Mari. I almost said, now do you see why you are my favorite poet?

JLaughing y

sumalangitnawa said the following:

jLaughing y

aws!! hhhhmmmmm. do i see it? only you can see it. i mean, we'd always be wondering how and why is it that people like us, won't we?

how are you feeling? looks like you are back in the scene! it's good to have you back home.

oh my. i better pick the DP. w00t. hehe! procrastination is muh middle name. no, actually it's my operating system.

take care sweet friend, as always, clicking the "Thank Joy" button furiously.


jsenn said the following:

oooooh gee whiz i have the same operating system!! two peas or something like that, a CA pea and a TX pea, both transplanted...figures, don't it?

I LOVE your energetic Notes!!!

JLaughing y

Deviant: ~sumalangitnawa
Date: Dec 30, 2001, 13:35:14
Subject: Re: dates?
Status (1): Normal

yLaughing ;) (Wink) h:) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) !!

hehehe. it turns out ruth never got my DP pick... aws.

Happy new year!!

jHeart y
agoni Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
:D (Big Grin)
agoni alias mercyful
dreamz13 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2002
Licensed To Chill
MattSpire Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
i really shouldnt be surprised of anything from you, but i am.

such a lovely thing here... just when i thought creativity was exhausted. i love words that 'reveal' things in a new light.

It is not my desire to stray from the herd. It is my passion and purpose to set the pastures ablaze.
rajivmathur Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2001
this is very good !
i love the way you have written it.

i guess they don' call ya GOD for nothing aeh... :o (Eek) :D (Big Grin)

tf. ts. ths.

-muse- Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2001
You words never seem to fall short and I'm always impressed. Your writing takes me to a wonderfully quiet, reflective state of mind.
This is absolutely lovely.
thank you

be well
skyOrange Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2001
chestnuts, chocolate mallows

ang galing. super. the descriptions took me away. liquid, flowing, smooth.. your work moves. i loved this from beginning to end. very fresh, like nothing i've ever read before.

jsenn Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2001
btw, dates, raisins and pecans
jsenn Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2001
Oh, my goodness, I traveled with you, saw the reflection and the portal, the "created" trees and landscapes. It reminded me of traveling cross country as a child. I once saw a whole forest of disney characters in the soft gray light of dawn. (sigh, smile) Your poem is beautiful and sings at the edge of such imaginations. How wonderful that is to be able to write such things in words which have the magical ability to join with another spirit, in the viewing and the emotion of a moment. Amazing. Joy
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