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bloated expressions litter these rooms
i make my circuitous way through amazing piles
through circuitous piles i make my amazing way
truth used to hang from the ceiling here
now it lies it shards, on which eye rays bounce
in which sight becomes caught
unable to advance
unable to perceive
no longer glancing at the odd pages
i've found myself memorized in the even ones
no shorter dancing on the proud pages
i've lost myself in the cleanly shaven ones
throat is constipated with thought
a watercolor mute, bleeding into loud
hush - bloated expressions spiral
in a whirlwind force of denial
singing mighty nothingness into ears
plugged with wax

bloated expressions
okt 31 2001

if you know what i'm talking about
then you'd know what i'm talking about

meglocrush Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2001
i know.

(im not as eem as you think i am)
locussolus Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2001

bloated, empty and full.
full of emptiness.
emptied fullness.
here and there
it makes tiny sounds.
ears open or closed
it says the same thing.
emptied, unfilled.

--888green888-- Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2001
some poems are not meant for precise understanding and that is often times the very fun of it. Couldn't you agree? I understand this one quite well... but I have no earthly clue what it means to you. Nonetheless this is profoundly composed.

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November 1, 2001
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