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And then it was time to sleep

So here I am distracted
Always protracted
It doesn't matter what's around
Cause if I don't wanna
I'm not gonna

The world is filled with diversion
When one tries to fulfill, in desperation
A task unwanted, uncompelling
In a mind cluttered and yearning
For water

Uh, tomorrow never ends
In its pleasing ability to justify
My long drawn out excuses
And nothing seems to mystify
My non-existent panic

With a fragrant note in my dreams
That soon I have to mend the seams
For they are about to burst
Without my knowing
They might as well will

another other poem

it's finals week next week. i actually love the rush.
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jsenn Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2001
So. How did I miss this, I ask myself...Ooooh, June 6. Now I remember, I was very distracted, no computer, no internet, no being home. The bike and canoe ride were nice..........

Everyone must do this, wait until the last moments to finish a project, study. But don't you really hate it when you have to finish it on the night before it is due? (I will never miss tests, I actually think they are a very poor gauge of a person's knowledge, and they never take into account the stress factor)

This verse expresses every moment in this anxiety:

The world is filled with diversion
When one tries to fulfill, in desperation
A task unwanted, uncompelling
In a mind cluttered and yearning
For water

Ha, this is the first time I've noticed all those words on your graphic.....LOL how's that for diversion?

HEY! this is next week. Are they over yet?
skyOrange Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2001
i don't miss the exams.. well maybe i do, but just because it's part of studying and i miss going to school.

and i remember how i find a thousand excuses not to study or do my homework - like suddenly getting the urge to organize *all* my notes (even the ones i won't be using for the exams) and rearranging everything in the shelf (coz it would be a lot easier to review when everything is in its place) and watching tv (because i need 'balance') and finally when i've rewritten my notes and rearranged the shelf and watched the tube i'm already too tired so i hit the sack without even touching my reviewer. nyehehe.

goodluck sa finals. kayangkayamoyan.

locussolus Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2001
really nice. I liked it alot. I dont usually write on poetry, but I just wanted to say Ive read some your stuff and I thought it was really good. Youre one of the best here, without doubt.

savis Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
This spawns a fountain of ideas in my head. Great imagery you've used. And a wonderful rythmic flow. Superb

Pain is inevitable
Suffering is optional
miss-conception Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2001
i haven't slept for two nights, don't wanna. not because i hate dreams. just don't wanna, don't wanna have to "wake". sigh~ next week's my finals too. i like the rush (like flood). like lingering on it, with it, in it. the rush does nothing to my panic. this worries me. me and my excuses worn, wearing out..

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June 5, 2001
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