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Standing by a stream of consciousness
The days loafed by without a sound
By now the leaves would start to fall
And kiss the softly shaven earth
A ball of time in hand, some specks of soil
Fiercely the sun across the zenith burned
Now laid in space's folds
Hidden, sullen
Gazing without eyes, opening the fists
Adrift in wind, forbidden dreams released
And inside, a silver-streaked abyss
To fill and empty, and merely, to exist.

summer of 2001

a blossoming of people

i took the picture in 1999
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ammegand Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2001   Interface Designer
I really like the structure that you set up in your poem. I feel like I just ate a big dinner that'll take a while to digest!
actual size
jsenn Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2001

is the last poem I will read tonight. I've stayed up very late just to listen in the words here. They were wonderful and some were glorious. It never fails that I am overwhelmed in yours. I never know what to expect, will it flow with scientific precision or be the bursting seed pod of a dream, and whichever it ever is, Mari, it entwines my heart. Each tiny tendril forming the words and lines search for a memory, or knowledge of...remember this, remember that, remember the motion, the sound and the scent.

"To fill and empty"

I think that line personifies you, your creative ability to gather, to dispense and to love without remiss. You are an amazing artist. You are an even more amazing person.
skyOrange Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2001
i want a suma book too!!! The World of Mari will not just contains your artworks, but your fantastic poetry too. w00t!! that'll be better than the "The World of .." books we've seen.

the world revolves with or without us, changing seasons even if we're not looking. we can sit back and watch, absorb the experience, let it fill us.

"To fill and empty, and merely, to exist."

could be a sad concept.. your poem is a mixture of beauty and sad reality. and you wrote your wor(l)d beautifully. great poem, mari.

locussolus Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2001
there's too much commotion... maybe merely to exist, filled then emptied, would be nice for awhile... but probably not.

this one makes me think to much. cant pin it down. the beauty of the words is like a shell. covering not an abyss, but a whole little universe.
rethan Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2001
...I like how this poem sinks and seeps in more every time I read it, hitting all the right spots doing so.

It always takes me some time to consume your poems, and I like that.

I hope your experiences keep challenging your most wonderful of talents :) (Smile)
faithwalker Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2001  Student Photographer
Thanks for the break from my new reality!

You are great!



shinefire Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2001
You weave your words with such outstanding craftsmanship- it's amazing. The last line may very well be my new favorite quote.

rethan Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2001
Woah, I really like this one too... I want a suma book, I want a suma book!!!
meglocrush Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2001
wow. this is so great. you always have such beauty in your words. i love the picture too.

(im not as eem as you think i am)
mastermindg Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2001
ooh! very nice... great imagery! =D (Big Grin) me likes tons... "feircely the sun across the zeineth burned" great lines... i also like how it all rymes, i really enjoy a good ryming poem :) (Smile) very nice.

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