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said she: a black ball will fall out of the sky, and hit you in the eye. you know what you must do. you take it, you make it your own. cause you know it's yours. it will gleam in your hands. a crystal glass blown by sunlit morns. and tart your eyes must feel, from nights gilded by words of steel. don't kneel. fly.

said he: someday in someway I am going to make love to you.

said she: you already have.

july 17 2001
we shall sail on quark fanta seas
to a universe of baryonic bliss
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Daily Deviation

Given 2001-07-17
A Muse by sumalangitnawa is a poem written by a poet who possesses an beautiful natural talent for writing words which convey a certain unnoticed beauty in the simple elements of life. Writing about love or personal reflections on humanity is as easy as writing about fish tacos, perhaps they are the same thing .. sumalangitnawa would probably say that, LOL. This one is about .. (you will see) selected by jsenn ( Featured by devart )
miss-conception Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2001
congrats, mari !!

even snails can fly in this chrysalis compassion of yours. excellent words. i did enjoy this very much.~

sumalangitnawa Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2001
wow this is cool. i am absent for a day and when i come back there is a little nice present...

i appreciate the responses here. i enjoyed writing this very much and am glad it's been enjoyed by you as well.

it's a well wish for a certain snail.

skyOrange Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2001
mahiwagang baka! congrats on the dp mari!

i read it and read it again. and again and felt that it's not really about the man/woman relationship, and the lovemaking being a representation of another union.. something like poet/poem connection. *scratches head.* anyway, i like every word of it from beginning to end.
lustrum Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2001   Writer
congrats on the Dp!
what would i say? sometimes i can't read your mind just as much as you can't read mine, ;) (Wink)

Rushing towards singularity.
oddlyaromatic Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2001  Hobbyist Writer
This is bloody excellent, well done. Well-deserved DP :) (Smile) .

I'm gonna read it again.

*potters away with a happy and slightly bemuse smile on his face, he hasn't quite gotten the joke, but he's glad he heard it... or something*
locussolus Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2001
cant invent the right words. still dreaming these.

btrsweet Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2001
you never cease puttin me in awe w/ your work - yes - the whole (as corrodingsun put it) grandness in a minimalistic way is amazing...

you inspire me to write more :) (Smile)
aos Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2001   Interface Designer
:) (Smile)

just good, thats all there is to it...

corrodingsun Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2001
this has a very not-western notion to it. being content and free and whole.
very strong, very grand (in a minimalistic way). "said she: you already have" christ, i wish i would've come up with this.

God is Love.
babysista Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2001
this definitely represents a man n a woman. a woman being overly complicating whilst a man being blunt, simplistic and a pervert. but damn... if i could write like that....... i could rule the world!!!!! BwahahHAHAHhahahHAhhahaH! BwahahhahahH!hahahhHHahahahha! Hahahahahhaha**hack**cough**cough*


savis Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
Normally I don't keep poems I find here, I read them, maybe come back to them once or twice. But this one is special, this is quite possibly the best poem I've ever read here and I will print it out and keep it.
Your way of painting a picture of words and letting me see every detail is totally amazing. And the finishing line is so beautiful that my mind just cries from the beauty of it.
Thanks for putting this up here

somnambulist Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2001
Something about this poem that makes me think. It seems like a forced literal meaning, yet it has to be held metaphorical at the same time. Hard to comprehend indeed, but the inner meaning is extremely deep, infact, I felt something before I even understood it. Great job on this! 8) (Cool)

MattSpire Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
i love this. 'he' is a bit blunt there heh, after the first bit you dont really expect it, youre too used to love-making being something that has a lot of positive and negative things both attached to it by everyone. so even if you dont think its racy, it comes to mind reading it. maybe i just live in too much censorship. at least i have devart :) (Smile)

i agree with faithwalker. its a great poem with a purposeful, thoughtful message-of-the-day kinda feel.

jsenn choses such great poems for daily poem. i feel like i just opened a fortune cookie.. but those new ones you get that have a little philosophical thought on the paper, not "your lucky lotto numbers are 13, 66, .." or "tomorrow your hand will get caught in a blender, a wise man would not proceed to turn it on."
jsenn Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2001
Oh, yes, this is monumental for it's unexpected and oh, so pleasing, seductive ambiance. Yeah, don't kneel, fly...two, together, the moon awaits.

faithwalker Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2001  Student Photographer
I love poem and especially the ending!


Constant and Never ending improvement

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