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born with wound
that never healed
25, now I ask
what does it mean "to bleed" ?

july 10, 2001
an empty bottle
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miss-conception Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2001
'quarter of a century'
i should've wished you then, but anyhow, happy belated birthday, mari *hugs*

i suppose it doesn't have to mean anything - "to bleed" - but, if it must, i had called it the 'healing force'. endure, don't we all? :) (Smile)
skyOrange Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2001
belated happy birthday!! opkors i know that, but everybody was greeting you so greet na rin ako. hehe.

you're doin' great, mari.
sumalangitnawa Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2001
did it seem like a birthday poem? i suppose it was a marker, a question, reflection of where you are now, how you got there, and what wounds hidden make you who you are.

thanks for the well wishes.

i'm a june baby.

faithwalker Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2001  Student Photographer
Happy Birthday! Complex poem that makes me search..... thank you!


Constant and Never ending improvement

lustrum Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2001   Writer
happy birthday!

hm, today i smashed my thumb in a pinestraw compacter. that's something you really want to miss out on.

the end

Rushing towards singularity.
babysista Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2001
and my friends say I'm morbid.
Happy birthday. you'll be glad to know you've officially been added to my Artist Watch. =D (Big Grin)
Extremely deep......... and great.....


jsenn Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2001
So, Mari, is it your birthday today? Does this mean you are 25? You see what may happen here, is I am expecting the surprise and you will run away in tears because you were so dead serious this time, and then we will both be writhing in hurtness ;) (Wink) cause you know. You have been too happy lately for me to suddenly see this as a serious, born with anguish and now you bleed but you don't understand how or why. What does it mean to bleed? Ok, I better stop here and just say, your poetry always astounds me....ahhh, perhaps I should have said only that. lol but ya know me don't ya? lol

btw: HB & A Great 1
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July 12, 2001
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