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Contain disdain
And break it on the floor
Restrain explain
Just be, come back for more

Peek into the white
Teal letters light the night
Sneak into my sight
Packing breadcrumbs for the fight

Bring Julio, bring Clarity
Bring Guzman - it's a necessity
And when the potion acts in brevity
My hand will wave away even gravity

Amidst the why
We ask for puzzled gems
Above the sky
Forget the flying hems

Contain disdain
And plant it in the ground
Refrain explain
We'll twist it all around

So here you see
A tiny me
To bring with you
As you renew

nov 14 2001
for you, the Translucent Irridescent
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syragon Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2003
aysel Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2001
wow, this is amazing... I envy you. Blah, I'm giving up with poetry. Off to read some books or something.. >_How ignorant the human race is, killing itself off.
keen Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2001   Writer
and i felt
for the dappled
light powered
a sparkle in
the sand:
a gem revealed
to me in the
bottom of the

fantastique mari.

step into the slipstream: id=99040
-pester Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2001
i wish i could hear you read this out loud. very schwa.

jsenn Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2001
wrapped in white gauze scattered with new patchwork pockets
her skin shimmering from celestial collisions long ago
(the dust reappears ever so often)
she tiptoed quietly into this room

(she could have thrown the door open and hollered, "I'M HERE!" but she didn't)
because there was no fear, only a spot
in her belly building excitement
and a little tiny sign she held in front of one eye which read
(self: do not disturb, with your yelling and frenetic behavior, the centered vibration in this room)
:) (Smile)

she stood in the center
eyes closed
allowing the words to vibrate through her
(she gathered sounds she knew and put them in special pockets to read again later)

she gathered others and put them into a cloisonne box she carried in a velvet pouch hanging from her waist. It contained precious, nonsensical things, pressed origami hearts, seed caps from curling fernleaf shoots, a tiny bag of stardust, 4 gems wrapped in ivory lace and one blue speckled seashell

in the pocket next to her heart she gently placed "a tiny me"

chaplinchild Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2001
i got on further than the photo at the top. the actually poem never had a chance. i'm still thinking how wonderful the photo is..... um.....
nice work!
meglocrush Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2001
lol. this is so rad. i agree with faith, you are too good. :) (Smile) .

(im not as eem as you think i am)
lustrum Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2001   Writer
this reminds of of a poem "A une Damoiselle Malade" by Clement Marot. it has the same beckoning to a mysterious character (though we know who it is, or we think we do :) (Smile) ), the same reference to the author in the poem, the same confidence in the abolition of one's woes or sickness.


A labyrinthine tale of God.
faithwalker Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2001  Student Photographer
Poems like this is why I'm slowingdown on poetry and going back to photography.....


Thumbs Up

hesitation Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
what can i say
nothing new
i love it
and i love your style

Woman by Birth
Bitch by Choice
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