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Self -ception by sumalangitnawa Self -ception :iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 20 43 Superheroes-Christiaan Huygens by sumalangitnawa Superheroes-Christiaan Huygens :iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 1 4 Superheroes - Galileo Galilei by sumalangitnawa Superheroes - Galileo Galilei :iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 1 8 Superheroes - Johannes Kepler by sumalangitnawa Superheroes - Johannes Kepler :iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 1 10
quiver of my lips
beats beets
flowers on my tongue
blossom into song
melody malady
fine-grained mahogany
safely nestled
in a branching
rapt raft
clamped onto the damp
river quiver
as i release
our magic fish
into the deep tumble
of distance
quiver of my lips, whorls of your hair
:iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 3 17
Resume - Revised by sumalangitnawa Resume - Revised :iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 5 10 Resume by sumalangitnawa Resume :iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 2 13
table for two
table for two please
by the back wall
close to the kitchen
we need an anchor
tell us the waiter's name
he serves dry merlot
in opaque wineglasses
i know you and no one else
bu nedir?
the core is real, you've seen it
but our existence is in question
bubir diwadir
unsettled fluid mind
if you please
table for two, and an anchor too.
table for two
dec 31, 2001
:iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 2 15
In Memory of the Scientific by sumalangitnawa In Memory of the Scientific :iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 1 9 If I - If Today by sumalangitnawa If I - If Today :iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 0 7
Callous Longing for the Non-I
so rare as to be forgettable
when it's never me
it never fails to prick
i cannot stir
the depths of you
in the shallow of me
in which you wade
ravel before me
you hold a knife against
my navel
your eyes on a distant star
callous longing for the non-I
:iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 0 15
quietly, burn the secret words
let not the Universe hear
mutterings of a half-asleep fool
oh futility ~ in hushed tones or in loud
the power those words wield
[beyond Mind's control]
will tip the balance towards chaos
so taken by temptation ~ to be carefree
set loose the dire words
[Mind's own lips be dry]
like wildfire to sweep and incend
to char the hands with guilt
[to ashen Mind's delirious logic]
mute-defeated, fallen test
[mind fails]
dec 30 2001
:iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 1 8
ink is wasted on those who by sumalangitnawa ink is wasted on those who :iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 3 16
Fear Seep in Here
Fear, seep in here
see, i face the white wall
stucco roughness against my knee
shivering from lost heat
stifling, faking a cough or two
to hide my silent wail
regress me, Fear
i said i wasn't afraid of anything
and something tells me
i better be
i shove order, with irresponsible betrayal
with lies that hide beneath the supernate
that once repulsed me
i lie
there is no love here
maybe only delusion
mistakes on the verge of bloom
regrets on the other side of doom
and in this room
i fill
i empty
i don't exist
Fear, Seep in Here
dec 2 2001
:iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 1 16
Glycyrrhiza glabra L
anise so sweet
the doors fly open to greet
in you and around you
fennel sheets
and holy sugar beets
engaged in tantricnothings
i will only pause
to untie
licorice-flavored necktie
:iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 0 9
always the sky by sumalangitnawa always the sky :iconsumalangitnawa:sumalangitnawa 2 9


cat agaric v2 by soma cat agaric v2 :iconsoma:soma 16 21 Butt Beer by lustrum Butt Beer :iconlustrum:lustrum 1 16
leannas evolution
riddle face
a soul
without a shell
to call a home:
a costly kind of freedom
the vapor breath shock:
so far from here
to the
cold grey country
beneath my feet
a spittle flecked truth:
"you come from a fish"
(i come from the sea)
we, ocean's orphans,
dropping scales
glitter trail
our vestigial home
still seeping
our eyes
:iconsoma:soma 2 2
cat agaric v1 by soma cat agaric v1 :iconsoma:soma 3 3
October 8, 2000
We last met beneath the smiling sky-
clouds pressed against the vibrant red of dusk.
I wanted to linger; each breath was a word-less plea to ask you to stay
We first met among strangers;
you with your cantankerous unknowns who breathed
into cuss-words and exhaled misplaced wisdom.
me with my struggling poseurs wanting to find
rhyme between expletives.
I was like a movie.
Seeing you there amongst a crowd too different to conceal you
the way a tree would vanish in a forest.
There must be reason for this fleeting moment.
You asked me out a few days later
when the sun was no longer seen
and the moon was hiding behind the ceiling.
It was for coffee.
Coffee and stories and conversations,
inspirations, introspections and lies.
You were burned into my memory.
Like a film, I held your image frozen unto my brain
hoping from negative it would...
More fleeting moments
more fleeting than before.
Coffee and stories.
Conversation and lies.
:icontobie:tobie 1 1
astro boy by rhyslynn astro boy :iconrhyslynn:rhyslynn 2 6 Effluvia of Snow by faithwalker Effluvia of Snow :iconfaithwalker:faithwalker 6 20
Before and After
Before and After
I kept your water bottle
Next to my head
I foresaw stagnancy
In the finger of water left.
A full droplet of desire
Potent to wet
Clinging to the brim
Kiss flavored, I got depressed.
The water bottle was dry
When I got back
With an empty bottle
Of Mulatta Ron in my bag.
11 Ekim 2001
Onu'ynan futbol dersinde oynayip O'nu tamamen
atlatmis oldugumu farketmem vesilesiyle yazildi.
:iconkervansaray:kervansaray 8 6
lotus flower by btrsweet lotus flower :iconbtrsweet:btrsweet 15 18 unfurling spring by chargen unfurling spring :iconchargen:chargen 1 4 Hashi by rethan Hashi :iconrethan:rethan 3 9
Overture To An Idea
Overture To An Idea
The sky tells a tale
of tales that entail
men who once lived,
swept by the gale
of life and age
into abysses
of timelessness.
If thou would look
into the sky's wintry eyes.
Where, then,
is our abode,
if the heavens choke
on our skinned
Whose tears fall
as rain?
(Assuming ascending
souls are caught
in clouds;
exempting those
in vain)
I am one,
drenched in sable sickness;
wilted here
for fear
of sadness.
Are my funest tendencies
nothing but profit
for that which breeds
my sorrow?
I have grown so weak
from the dew;
the milk i lapped
from the grassy fingers
that snapped
in the storm
this morn.
I mourned
their broken bones,
for it was well
i'd have no spells
to postpone
the coming of
moments when
death would trick
my mind to think
that it was dead.
Feeble mind,
do not obey that whisper!
It is death hindering,
with its splintering
tongue, whispering
a lie unto you.
Bind my lips,
or bind my tongue,
from where i speak
of these forlo
:iconlustrum:lustrum 2 1
John told Angela
over and over
how much he
loved her.
Then he kissed
her right temple
with a single round
from his revolver,
and there was an
explosion of roses.
:iconderghaust:derghaust 4 10
glow by skyOrange glow :iconskyorange:skyOrange 5 48 papersculpture1 by ryu676 papersculpture1 :iconryu676:ryu676 1 2



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kervansaray Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016
Waking up
to sound
in you
chill fresh
sleepy face
the wall
white and solid
in combat
and occupied
treasure now
moments gone
and hope
the sound ends
to wake up
in you
ramdom Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I think of you; the tragedy of your last breathing, our Loss, the Time unearthed, the words frail (distant), the stars quiet (burning) - blinking and winking and you are One of them, again. I lament for someone i never met, but so long ago you left us. It is a madder world, worth leaving eventually but you were gone too soon. xoxox
Glitchaton Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
14 years already... Rest in peace and paradise. <3
yeravener Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
It does seem so long, but so much has happened since you have left.

It is you that has returned, that have returned home, and it is us that remain away. Someday, we will all return, and transcend, to return to the heart, and be one. We will see you then.......
Nihatemoon Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015
wow youve been gone for much too long
yeravener Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
As do many, I miss you. 
meglocrush Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
heading to Asia for the next five months. maybe i can float over to puncak jaya and find you among the clouds. 

frail Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
kervansaray Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
what would you say at the age of 35
would you have any white hair
would you be here
would you
you would
ghouls wake me up
swallow fish hooks
I miss you
I love you
meglocrush Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
the great irony for me is that life(i know i told you this once, but, in case you forgot, you share your name with my mother. she's sick now and if i ever catch my mind drifting to thoughts of loss, i often find you there instead: somehow, after all this time, defining the poetry of empty space in a life alive with words and absence)times are only finite as described by language, yet it's language that gives you immortality.

eleven years is a dot in time when you remain etched onto the hearts of many.

you remain in me.

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