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March 7, 2008
I've never thought to use layer styles before, but Glowing PS styles by *Sultan-Almarzoogi has certainly opened my eyes to their usefulness.
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Glowing PS styles

:dance: These are simple photoshop styles I made out of boredom, I have nothing to do so I make stuff to use my time. I hope you all like them and that they be used. Do not abuse it for I spent allot of time making them so please Fav or Credit me. I know most don't care but try . My last one there are like 100 downloads but only few like 10 comment O_o !

Anyways take care
Sultan Al-Marzoogi
© 2008 - 2021 Sultan-Almarzoogi
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It’s been years since I made this
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Thank you! Have a nice day.
cool! Thank you.
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Like the look of these, even if they are from a bygone era. Thank you
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cool stuff thanks
thank you for your work and sharing...
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Thank you these are wonderful !! 
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Great styles for my photoshop cs6 thannks for post it!!!!!
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Cheers for these, just moving to PS3 from GIMP, so hope to use these at some point :)
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i fave is lul im using it for photo shop and might post to other sites 
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Thank You So Much!

To Favourites!:star: revamp :D (Big Grin) 

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Muy bonitos Styles :) gracias
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These are very nice! Please get bored more often ;-)
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