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Just me.

Alone with my thoughts.

I'll be starting school tomorrow, which will hopefully not be overtaken by distractions and I can then start focusing more on stuff like writing, maybe.

In a weirdly contemplative state of sorts from the film I'm watching.

I've got some story ideas so far... trying to figure out what would work.


One of them is a Double Diamond x Party Favour fanfic as a prequel to the season premiere, giving them a parallel to Rarity x Rainbow Dash with this idea of them being minor celebrities in their hometown; the former being a perfectionist towards his chosen profession and the latter being a sort of egotistic party goer for being the pony to be able to McGyver balloons into everyday things (bridges being an example)

The former comparison is slightly sketchy, but the latter one seems to make perfect sense to me: Rainbow Dash has shown to get her egoism mostly from the heroic acts she does, along with pulling off what seem to be improbable feats, which Party Favour also does.


Another one is a very simple concept laden with a lot of research to be done, which is one in which a brony ends up taking over control of Princess Celestia and he starts living her life and living through her. Perhaps like a parody/mirror to the Human in Equestria genre and the idea of Princess Celestia as being a 'troll'. Considering the nature of how time passes for the protagonist in the movie I'm watching currently as compared to everyone else's, I'm also getting the thought of writing the story in a similar, far less metaphorical manner, since... well, Princess Celestia will literally live for thousands of years on end.

Out of all the places for this, this came from the premise of a comic series written by Loveless Nova called To Love God; To Love Mortal.


There's one that I'm pulling out from a long time ago, but it just sounded weirdly timeless and just weird all at the same time. I'm pretty sure I could probably never pull it off, but I'd like to just place it here regardless, either for your thoughts or for someone much more talented than I am to take it and run with it:

"Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were both born out from literal star dust: they were literally specks of stars. They had way too much fun with the other stars around them to the point when they were all separated by the expansion of the universe being accelerated due to the amount of energy given off to it, the two spent together (Probably as being binary stars) allowing them time to bond to the point of them becoming like sisters. This theory reasons as to why everyone becomes worried whenever they come or whenever they make a joke of sorts: Literally, as the expansion of the universe is equivalent to the speed of time, they are LITERALLY going faster every second that they do that. Thankfully, almost no one else does this considering they were either eaten by black holes or just kinda lost the will to laugh again due to separation. The binary stars probably do that more, but these two 'sisters' are the only ones who have pulled through long enough like that."


What are your thoughts about these?
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Submitted on
April 19, 2015