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May 2, 2012
Eastbound 6944 by =sullivan1985
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Eastbound 6944

NJ Transit Midtown Direct train #6944 passes by the Hoboken Shuttle #544 on Track 2 at "GREEN" bound for New York Penn Station.

A framed 20x30 print was sold at the Jajo Galleries "One City" Show in March of 2009.

UPDATE 5/2/2012: My second Daily Deviation! Thank you much for all your support!
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Image size
1200x800px 1.06 MB
Shutter Speed
15/1 second
Focal Length
45 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Oct 5, 2008, 11:08:46 PM
© 2008 - 2021 sullivan1985
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how did take this photo

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Now here we have what I would go to the extent of calling a masterpiece!
Being that I am propably at the other side of scale of occupation (being that I work with aircraft) and that I live in a country that considers unproductive agriculture over masstransportation I rarely see any good train scenes. So needless to say I might even call this photo mindblowing.

The natural focus for me is instantly that wonderful motion blur of the passing train. Just the simple task of using it in these dark conditions really makes it stand out from all other photos I saw on the critiquable list.
There is one feature that I really admire in well thought through nighttime photos... the unflooded and relatively cold light approach. Normally it seems that every gorvernment out there hates photographers, always choosingorange and yellow tinted bulbs for streetlights and so on. As I focus on that part it still seems that some photographers have overcome the problem... needless to say, you are one of them.
I am not going into that subject more than this simply because I'm struggling with that subject myself.

Lastly I would like to point out the excellent use of the slightly illuminated rails.
Ok, they are just lying there... but this is what makes them perfect, perfect for making something for the viewer to fix to and guide him from the left corner of the photo and into the perfectly exposed train that is just stnading there.

Very well thought through photo.
Just an honest opinion.

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Thank you much for the very in depth comment. Sadly, passenger rail and railroad in general isn't what it used to be in this country, and I think that with the way the future of the economy looks, I'm sure the politicians are kicking themselves for allowing routes to be ripped up that are being drawn out to get rebuilt for thousands of times more expensive then what it cost to originally lay it and maintain it 100 years ago.

Anyways, to the critique!

There where some orange/yellow/red lights in the area that tried to creep into the photo, but a slight fix in the Adobe RAW editor took care of that. For the most part the area had really nice blue and green street lighting.

Night photography is a passion of mine and I'm glad you enjoy the photo.
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Oh I can imagine their frustration... or rather their denial of the truth.
The politicians back home at my place dream of a highspeed railroad network, only problem is that they fail to understand that making one will cost billions...
But they figure they can use the existing network... and keep the "highspeed" trains set at max 200kmt... which in my eyes is nothing, especially since I tried the Japanese shinkansen last year. Trains where the average speed is set to around 300kmt...

I would like to try my hand at more night photography, but I'm sort of lacking good locations for it. Plus it seems the local authorities have fallen in love with yellow tinted streetlights... it just tends to flood everything in a yellow haze that simply is impossible to remove, even in RAW photos.
But you're still lucky with this one it seems. That's why I call it inspirational!
Thanks for sharing!

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Looks like I forgot to comment: I loved your picture so much that I decided to buy a large print of it and put it up in my room. Still look at it every day ♥
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Excellent! Thank you! Do you have a picture of it hung on your wall?
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Yes, here: [link]
Would look better if you could also see the other walls of my room (full of CDs and empty softdrink-cans. This picture is hung up on the direct opposite side of my bed).
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Bought as poster - looks great on my wall ♥
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Excellent! Thanks for your support!
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Wow, would you look at that?
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awesom capture! :yoda:
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Amazing! I love it!

If you love ART pLease come check out my new ART page on FaceBook. And don't forget to leave a comment, like it and submit your OWN work too! :)


Thank you so much!!

also add me on Facebook! ayen chato
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Amazing shot! love the blur. the whole composition is incredible.
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really nice :DD
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Looks beautiful :)
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Amazing colors!
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Awesome colors!
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I know very little about photography, I'm a poet by trade. Still, I wanted to let you know how enchanting it is to see the movement behind the stationary train car! Love this!
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Awesome picture! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
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