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MegaMare X Boss Icons

By Sullindir
Here are a few of the bosses to be encountered in Starlight Studios' MegaMare X: The Shadowbolts, Chrysalis, Sombra, and Adagio.

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If this game ever gets put on 3DS and/or PlayStation Vita, I will defiantly buy it.
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Thank you!
If you're interested, this was done for our MLP/MegaMan game, MegaMare X.
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Played this at BABSCon 2015, Shadowbolts were hardest, then King Sombra, then Chrysalis (Who I loved her animation based on Xenomorphs, so awesome!), and last but still pretty difficult was Adagio as a Siren!

I can't wait to get this game as a playable demo on my computer, I played it only twice (2 bosses each) during the weekend but would love to play it even more and maybe see what other crazy character designs they go for in their demo release ^^
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I am glad to hear you liked it! Do you have a favorite boss from the lot?

Hmm... if concepts are what you are looking for, you should definitely stalk a few of our team's artists. Let me link you to their galleries!
:iconunderpable: Underpable
:iconanimefreak40k: AnimeFreak40K
We have a few other concept artists, too, but nothing has crept into their galleries as of yet.
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Since Adagio is a boss will Sonata and Aria be helping her?
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Not to my knowledge, however I cannot say for sure. I have not kept myself as educated on Adagio's stage as I probably ought to have. My focus has been in assisting with Chrysalis.
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I like the Chrysalis one ^^
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Well if that is the case, here are the collaborators responsible for her concept: :iconunderpable:underpable, :iconanimefreak40k:AnimeFreak40K, and :iconponynoia: Noia.
They do good work! ^_^
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Nice, very nice :D
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