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Dragonfly [MegaMare X]

Swift, silent, and discreet, the "Dragonfly" drone is the consumer's best investment in matters of security and surveillance.
•Its light and balanced frame allows for minimal energy consumption when in flight, and its wings are designed so as to permit this brilliant machine to fly with great speed quietly, and in any number of directions. It can even hover!
•The head of the drone features two cameras with a wide viewing angle, allowing for nearly 360º of vision in total!
•ERI's new state-of-the-art cloaking mechanism conceals this wonderful device to all but the most acute observer. When tested, 86% of our subjects failed to spot the Dragonfly, even when looking directly at it!
•Lastly, this device is programmable with an assortment of commands to be set to a variety of circumstances. These include instructions to pursue a thief, alert the owner of an intruder, and record passerby activity. We have even included some defensive protocols should they ever be needed.
This Dragonfly is not a piece of equipment to miss out on. Order yours today!

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Sounds like a tricky enemy to deal with.  Great job on it.
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As employed in the demo, the Dragonfly was only given one set of actions: spawn and divebomb the player. Should the player dodge you were safe since it was given no instruction to change direction and reattempt the charge should it miss. It wasn't particularly dangerous; more of a unit to beat the player by means of attrition.

Many thanks! ^_^