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Vader on my wall

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Here's a picture of Vader invading my room.

This is just to show that the painting wasn't digital. It was actually painted. I have the mental scars to show for it.

You can see one of my old Joker paintngs hanging next to him. At some point I'd love a shed that I can stick my paintings in so they don't take up space on my wall, which is infested with paintings past.

Yes, my walls are purple. I loikes purple.
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ForceChildStudent Traditional Artist
Purple is my fave colour btw... I LOVE this. I love the size too. It just adds to it for some reason!!
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BlazkoviczStudent Traditional Artist
I like it more than original picture. :)
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Thank you! He's was a bleeder to do, this Vader! He's gone now and I miss him :crying:
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SWEET JESUS, that's impressive. o_o
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Faint's at the size of it and that you did it all...

even if i was doing it little, and tracing I'd fail at that amount of epic awesomeness...
(if that makes sense...)

anyway *worships you*
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Aww, thank you so much. I would never trace...I really don't see the challenge in it and so instead I will continue stressing myself out with good old fashioned copying :D

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can I clone your drawing talents and implant them into me?:clone:
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Why would you want to put your paintings away in a shed? Just get a bigger house! Then you can have more purple walls, too!
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Just how big is that painting? It's amazing.
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It's 100cm x100cm. Thank you very much :)
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that Darth is awesome! awesome! love that juicy red!
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Cheers! The red was a mix of vermillion and crimson :)
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i love it!
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CostumesbyCourtneyProfessional Artisan Crafter
I'd love to work on canvas, but I've got no room.
So it's all a4 sketches for me.
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I'm pretty much leaning toward Acrylic paper myself. There's a few paintings in ma gallery that have used just that, purely because I've little wall space left :D
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That is one fucking awesome sized painting. I can't help but think this was traced or something, but I shouldn't, I've seen all your other arts! It's amazing how you achieved this. Would love to have something like this hanging in my room :P
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Hahah, it is a big bastard. Nope, would never trace, I would be consumed with guilt if i ever did that. Still it's a brilliant complement :D

Ahh, it's not hanging on my wall anymore, it has gone to a better place.
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cursive-illustrationHobbyist Digital Artist
its amazing how you made those precise lines. i bet you had some help from a cutted pattern ;)
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Nope, not at all.

I will admit that I divided the large canvas into a grid to help give me an idea of proportion, which helps a lot when working on a large canvas.
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pullingcandyHobbyist Photographer
I grid too! Even though I'm just learning and only paint digitally because if I pick up a paintbrush it's almost like a monkey driving a clown car with no wheels...
I thought I came up with that myself, but no :( All my artist friends know about it, and you do too.
By the way, this is awesome! I haven't partaken in any of the movies, ever, but I still love me some good old Vader art :)
sullen-skrewt's avatar
XD I love the monkey clown metaphor. I'm the same with Digital painting and painting in any other kind of medium. I suppose I could learn and practice, but to be honest I can't be arsed :) So for now, it'll stay Acrylic.

The grid thing I use with big pieces like Vadar, when the proportion becomes a swine to do.

I've seen all of them and my favourite has to be Empire Strikes back, although I'm not a die-hard fan, they're very entertaining movies. The recent ones I didn't like so much.
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pullingcandyHobbyist Photographer
I hear the recent ones don't have as much to go on as the unique originals, but I'm still determined to be the only person alive who's never seen them :D.

And yeah..monkey, clown, failure...hand in hand when I pick up that brush :)
And your medium is perfect, never change! You do so very well with what you have :)
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cursive-illustrationHobbyist Digital Artist
then you have my respect for this piece. very good work!
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