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The Killing Joker

The camera shot I took with this is not good, however it is the Joker and I had to upload :D

A commission by a friend. Obviously this I copied from the excellent graphic novel 'The Killing Joke'. Beautiful artwork in there. Recommended.

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"You had a bad day once, am I right? I know I am. I can tell. You had a bad day and everything changed. Wht else would your dress up like a flying rat?"
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best comic ever
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I loved the killing joke... it was interesting to see what made the Joker so messed up, I've always loved the Joker anyways
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Brian Bolland equals GOD
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woooooooooooooooow!!! :jawdrop: uve drawn him very well - nice shading and colouring :star::star::star::star::star: :D :+fav:
The way the Joker should be portrayed, psychotic and bad ass man.
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I love the joke he tells at the very end, with the two insane prison inmates. That was the highlight of the entire comic. :)
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Brilliant! ^^ I <3 Killing Joke Joker, though I've only seen pictures of him..D:
Hopefully I'll get the Killing Joke soon...I reeeeaaalllyyy wanna read it!
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It's a really good book. I absolutely adore the art in it (Brian Bolland is the illustrator, if I remember correctly). There's a good psychological match between Batman and Joker.
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Man. I miss this comic. Gonna borrow one from my uncle once he finds it. I agree, the artwork is AMAZING there. And you did a great job on this piece. How I love the comic Jokers. XD
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I managed to find (and purchase!) the LAST COPY of the anniversary edition of "The Killing Joke" at the bookstore where I work (yay discount!). It has rocked my pants off every time I read it. You've done a fantastic job of capturing the feel and tone of the original drawing- only, where's the blood?
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:b i've tried to find "the Killing Joke" but i just cant seem to find it anywhere :P
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Are you talking about the graphic novel, or a the ultimate joke that will slay people? :)
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:XD: the graphic novel...but an ultimate joke that would have everyone and anyone laughing to death would also be a interesting discovery :XD:

but amazon has everything shiny and wonderful so i'll have a goosey on there :XD: (i might also find that joke...)
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Hahah, it's a fantastic novel. The artwork is delicious. There's an anniversary edition out which has some colour change in it that might be worth looking at.

I would ruin the ultimate joke by forgetting the punchline...I'm always doing that.
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mmmm, i think i saw that one

three men walk into a bar and....uhmmm....wait a sec....:XD:
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OMG! That is such a good replica from the picture in the graphic novel (which is my fav, btw). This is just fantastic!
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Thank you! It's one of my favourites too. I also love Arkham Asylum and am currently trying to get the anniversary edition of the Killing Joke in which Bolland has had a hand in colouring.
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Wow! I got the new version of this for my birthday earlier this month (I also have the original...but that stays packed away!) and this is perfect. Go you, you Joker phenom!
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