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Joker pointing

I really couldn't think of a better title. My brain is a bit frazzled at the moment.

Joker interrogation scene. Acrylic on paper.

Someone should tell him it's rude to point.

Naughty Joker!
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My god, he is attractive.
Beautifully done. His expression is perfect. <3
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Oh my gosh! I am so glad I'm not the only one who thinks this Joker is attractive! 😄
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I love this! He looks so sexy and casual, but dangerous at the same time! Epic capture of Joker transferred to a painting!!!! :love:
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I want to fave everything but I decided deviantwatching is better xD
yes it is rude to point xDD
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Love his eyes and shirt :hug: Love you Joker
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Love it so much, his eyes and clothes amaze me.
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Fantastic, love the colours! :spin:
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cool....but I've seen unproposional shape on a hand of joker.
just an oppinion/

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Hmm what can I say... I just love it! :love: (and I really have a thing for your backgrounds! :love:)
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damn man you are fuckin GOOD!! I love your work
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you never cease to amaze ..... Collect ! x
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i can imagine him pointing out his favourite pattern sample for the curtains haha
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YAYZ. I'm gonna watch this tonight. :D
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:giggle: Yeah, you'd think the harborer of chaos would know better! Audacity of it allllll D:

Great work as usual XD Love the lighting and the clothes look great!
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The description amuses me.
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Very nice work! I love most everything about this painting!

The head seems a bit big compared to the body. Just watch for that in the future.
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His thumbnail is creeping me out... And I have ridiculously long nails, that's saying something. xD
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I think this is the shot of him saying "You'll see, I'll show ya!" ...Not too sure though. The interrogation scene is one of the best scenes :D

Nice work! ^^
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Great detail as usual! Merry Xmas
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Wow, I don't think I ever noticed how long his nails were before XD I'd wear gloves too for that reason. He looks very menacing in this one, awesome job! For some reason I love the texture on his shirt best. :D
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