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Darth Vader

This was the Vader commission pic I was working on for...ever. It was on 1 metre squared canvas and the blending drove me mad.

The colours in the pic (well, the red) isn't really the correct colour and you would not believe the amount of black acrylic I got through.

Said I'd upload it and so here it is.

*Edited in order to spell Vader correctly* :blush:

I've uploaded a photo showing Vader on my wall. Hopefully, it gives some idea of the size of it: [link]
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WOW!.. Just... WOW
SuperSaiyajinSonik's avatar
did you scan this? and if you did how the hell did you scan such a big thing?
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This is so menacing, I can almost feel the eerie prescence of his death grip. Awesome. Hopefully you can get out of the room after this, but I think your art is amazing. Thank you for showing your creativity.
AndersonPhotography's avatar
WOW! this is fantastic!
Scaff's avatar
Oh. My god. This jsut looks simply amazing. The detail is amazing!!
arzasfanelia's avatar
This is absolutely amazing and I don't know how you had the patience to do this.
Hey umm... on Halloween I carved this picture on a pumpkin and I couldn't find it on the site again till now to ask permission to do so since it's your picture not mine. Am I allowed to post a picture of my pumkin as long as I say that the original picture is yours?
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Pumpkin Darth sounds fantastic :D Well, I copied this from a jpeg I was given so the image is not mine, so go for it :)
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Ok, thanks very much. The picture is now posted if you are curious what it looks like.
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his picture is here too: [link]
salsathegeek's avatar
there's a guy one <a href=[link]>SFM that used this as his avatar. I was always a little curious as to where he got it from.
congrats dude, this picture is so well made, i love the blending of the colors
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your in luck cause red is my favourite colour
sullen-skrewt's avatar
Red is one of the best colours ever - FACT!
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i luv the whole thing the color is amazing
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I think this is great! I love it!
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you did a lot better than me. i got too lazy to paint the horizontal bars between his triangle (breathing unit idk)
i thought it would be an easy art project lol. oh, any idea on how i can get it stop looking its really not Vader's color. i tried mixing red, white, and orange to do the trick, but its just not quite right. or maybe its me. i feel your pain.
sullen-skrewt's avatar
XD I don't blame you, the bars were a nightmare to do. Yep, it's a deceptive bleeder. You think it's going to be sooo easy to do because of the lack of detail...WRONG! I thought exactly the same thing. I think the red I used was crimson with a touch of yellow, maybe try yellow ochre. The blending is the worst part though, so good luck with that.

Yours sympathetically,

Sullen ;)
SinfulNinja's avatar
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oh oh, and the three lines and the curve on his left side. it comes out orange. help!
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:jawdrop: This is really... amazing! Oo It's even more impressive on your wall but.... wow!
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Likin this. Really cool.
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