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Carry Harry

Oh, the darkness!
Oh, the tragedy!
Oh, I've used up all my black paint!

This is Deathly Hallows. Poor old Hagrid is carrying the not so lifeless body of Harry back to Hogwards.

This is another big canvas and the photo Crap-Cam took was, well...crap! Tried my best in PS, but anyway.
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This scene in the book is always heart-wrenching because Hagrid thinks one of his best friends in the world is dead

the grief is palpable

thank you
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WOW, the composition is amazing :love:
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Well, this is gorgeous!
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Sorry about that :hug: :D
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O nnnnnoooo
I love it :D
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This.... This is so sad. But it pictures it so well. BUT IT'S SO SAD. :( :( :( :( :(
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this piece is phenomenal
it captures the emotion of this scene perfectly :thumbsup: thanks for sharing with us!
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Wow, I was looking at all the creations on HP and yours really get my attention. It's wondeful, I have no words. Impressive job.
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i love this particular scene. I'm not really sure why, it's just- *sniff* oh- harry.:[
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Beautiful. This is quite possibly my favorite scene in the entire series-- you've honored it well.
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This is very well done!!! As an obsessed HP fan...I think it's beautiful.
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Wow, great job with this.
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I love it...But it makes me kinda sad:(
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impressive, i love art and harry potter, so this is great artwork!
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this is lovely <3 i love the idea and style. You really captured the powerful scene
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