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My oc, Makoto by Suliity My oc, Makoto by Suliity
FormerTown-Rudite Village
Current town-Illmin Peeks
Makoto is-Witty, Sarcastic, sadist, Highly intelligent,lazy Calm-and-Collective, 0 filter and some what kind.

Makoto is the type of girl who people would call a sadist, she likes it when people are in pain and when people are suffering. She only likes this because that’s what she grew up believing. (Her parnets were the head Cy-Lo Cotton Tigers tribe and they are known to be extremely vicious and hostile.) The only person who can control this side of her is Keneiou. Who is her best friend (But Makoto secretly has feelings for Keneiou and little did she know that Keneiou actually liked her too.) and Celetious (who comes later in the story). But when the sadist side of her is controlled she becomes a good natured person, but the only flaw with her is that she’s a total tsundere (and is a total jerk). And she’s also some what kinda....lazy (even when she’s a sadist.) But the only time she has ever been kind is when she saw a kid with a broken leg, on crutches lost his ballon, she actually genuinely felt bad. But she had seen this happen to many kids and not give a single care in the world about it. But thing that broke her heart is that she saw that he was wearing on of the uniforms orphans weared. She got the ballon and took him back to the people that were in charge of them took him back to the orphanage. But a few days later she went to the orphanage and took him home with her (she mostly did it because he looked like her and he was the opposite of what she was and wanted actually have a ‘family’ because Cy-Lo Cotton Tigers can’t be alone, they need at least another being to be with them, or they will not be able to care for themselves.)

Japan is have a huge project. Which was to try to make animals talk,or,be human. This project was called ‘project animacs’ .The head scientist, Dr. Steinenberg worked five long years which costed him his own blood,sweat,and tears (literally).

He than finally discovered the perfect serum for turning animals
Into humans. (Which he tested on an aamloth.....Which is now his daughter.)
Of course he is happy but, but he wanted to wait until the next monthly meeting to tell them. But weeks later he overheard the governments true plan for the animacs. They wanted to exterminate all the poor,in debate, innocent people in the country, and soon, the world. And when he found out he was shook. So he quit. But one of his co-workers found out that he had the Iskroimplou serum, and took it. but him being smart brought home a 10. Oz of the Iskroimplou serum home the first day he made it.

He than went to Instain Cliff, and poured 5/10 serum into the water. But after 5 he felt disappointed, and packed up, and as he was looking down at the cliff he saw a neon light type glow. So he hurried to the tiny cliff shore and waited. 39 minutes later he saw 3 bodies wash up on the shore. So he brought them home to his lab and waited for them to wake up.

He than gave them names that were some what connected to their creatures- Giros; Giant past Eel. Celetious-Crimson Star Gazer and Darami;Diskn Arctic Mine Fish
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
But hence the government got their hands on the serum they immediately began to get animals. And one of them being the Cy-Lo Cotton Tiger, (which was the first animal they experimented with) and was actually successful, but the same results that Dr.SteinenBreg had, they were human, but they had the signature animal ‘ accessory’. (Which is the one eye and the lotus flower looking ‘ antenna’ on her head) But they decided to call her Makoto (the government had like, 0 imagination)

The reason why she picked these clothes is because she thought that it looked pretty awesome, plus that it went with her hair. But she picked out the t-shirt since when she was turned into a human she heard a song (The Egotistical Dead Man) by a band called ‘The Kings Men’ ( or TKMS) and she fell IN LOVE EITH THE BAND and dint want any other clothes than a shirt showing that she loved them. When she got the shirt she saw that it went well with the jacket she originally picked out. But she also saw a black, chained, ‘school boys hat‘ that she absolutely loves. (I can’t draw it, I’m sry I tried) So she also picked out dark navy jeans, and a charcoal color low rise boots, and also a black and white ‘ombré’ like ‘scarf’
So she was the first one of the aniamics, but when the government tried to control her, but she went wild and ended up severely injuring many workers, some were even put in coma’s ( or sadly death.)

But the goverment only gave her instructions to find the 3 aniamics that went ‘’’wild’’’ and return them to the government. But the only reason she agreed to this is because the goverment said they would give her 1,000,000 yen and let her and Rin (her ‘brother’) be free.
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