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My Oc,Mirasuki by Suliity My Oc,Mirasuki by Suliity
When Mirasuki was alive, she was a corrupted business women. She was the one who made people go into debt even though they were far from it. She did her job with pride since she was some what ruthless. She wasn’t really hated since people didn’t know it was her, but in the business world she was like a goddess. She would usually double or triple their taxes without them knowing. (since people just buy stuff and don’t usually look at the price) But one day, a man from a poor, poor house hold, with his family on the streets (because of her) he finally caught her in the act since he heard her on the phone talking about, so he waited a few months until he was back to living conditions. But he followed her home to her e-state, and killed her with a gun.

But instead of going to heaven she went to hell. Satan met up with her., saying that she was on of the most corrupted business person he had ever met... and that he killed her, which she was not happy about. But to cool we done he offered her a job. But when she had asked what would happen if she rejected the job he said that she’ll be put into internal labor and suffering with the rest of them. So she happily applied.

She job wasn’t much different from the job she had when she was alive. Her job was being a tax collected, but with souls,. Every night she would go to an assigned place to collect the souls of people. But she also had another job to do. You see, if she was assigned to a person with a very powerful soul, then she will have to make a contract with them.

The contract was that they would have to give up their soul to her, while she will do what ever you desire. One one day, she had met a little girl named Kei, who had sold her soul to Mirasuki, but her require was that she would have to serve her.

In all the years Mirasuki had never heard of such a thing, but none the less, if that’s what got her job done than by all means, she’ll do it.

But it wasn’t easy for her, since the last human she had really been around was 1,000 years ago (hey, they get vacations too) but being by Kei’s side was rather annoying for her, since she didn’t like children at all, even though Kei was 14, Mirasuki still counted her as a kid. But when Kei was mysteriously murdered, Mirasuki actually had a hint of pity, since Kei wa she only girl who Mirasuki actually likes for some reason.

So when she got back to her ‘office’ Satan had told her that since she was getting too close to the human girl, her guardian angel had to kill her. Mirasuki being shocked, and rather angered, wanted to make the angel pay for what they did to her only friend.

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