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Omg, it's almost a week since my birthday and still, I can't manage to log in here more frequently u_ú
I wish I had a good excuse for my absence and laziness, but I don't really have one. Except that I'm absolutely addicted to Pokémon Black 2, which my brother gave to me for my birthday. I just can't put it doooown >_<'
What is it with these games that makes you so obsessed?
Plus, my boyfriend purchased the full-version of SAI, which I'm trying to get used to and be able to lineart my pictures on the PC. I need a bit more feel to it I guess, but I already watched a few tutorials on Youtube.
Other than that, I passed all my exams and term papers with flying colours and can't wait for my final last semester to begin :D Another obsession are books once again, since I finally got time to read things I actually WANT to (like Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles).
I know I promised a lot of things and didn't even get done a quarter of them. I guess I keep procrastinating a bit too much lately. But that's how it goes- A lot of friends are currently available to spend some time with (lol, that sounds like they don't wanna hang out with me otherwise), since they pretty much all have semester break or took some days off of work. Also, half of my aquaintances' birthdays seem to be in April, including my own and my brother's (this Friday). After all the money I got from my parents, there's nothing much left to buy any extraordinary birthday presents, so most of the time I go for gift coupons or funny T-shirts ^^; I'm so bad at giving presents *sighs*

Hope you're all doing well :wave:

And no, Digimon Academy is not dead, I actually have been working on chapter 4 quite a lot, but there are still some passages which I keep rewriting or need more inspiration for. The storyline is all set up in my brain, but sometimes the words don't come as easy as I would wish for ;/

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Hey folks, it's been a loooong time, huh? :D
Well, remember that I got the flu? It got worse soon after, I even had to stay at the hospital for a few days (-> "acute fibrinous bronchitis") and because of the sickness, my term papers fortunately got delayed so I had more time to recover my "brain capacities". The reason why I haven't been up here recently to post anything is that I was really weak and it was hard to even go to the toilet etc. *no details needed here*
I finished my last term paper yesterday (even though I don't think I'll receive a good grade for this mental crap), so now I finally have time to fully spend everyday working on the next Academy chapter as well as some art. Hope, you had a better time than I did and that nothing bad happened to any of you.
If there's something important I missed, let me know! I have like 459568 new deviations in my inbox, it'll most likely take a while for me to browse and comment on everything, so bear with me ^^'

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Semester break?

3 min read

Not really, I tell you. Just got sick with the flu after everyone else of my family and friends is done being sick. And I was actually quite proud of my immune system working so fantastic this past couple of months, until 3 days ago. Headaches, coughs, snuffles and all that good stuff :no: Went to the dotcor who told me I had the flu. Also told me this is going to last at least 3 weeks to go by. Gosh, the worst thing is that I not only wanted to continue writing on chapter 4, but also have to start writing on my term papers for this semester. January was over so quickly, it's really astonishing every single time ;( Well yeah. Now you know it. I'm sick and I feel bad for letting you guys down again and again. I'm like the worst leader of a fanfiction project ever imaginable.

Hope you're all feeling a lot better than me ^^;
I'm gonna notify you upon major Digimon Academy-related things, though.
Not wanna disappoint you but ch. 4 is currently 5 pages long only. Got lacking of time, and, to admit it, a lil' bit of motivation along all the other stuff going on ._.

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Sooo, 2013.
Wow! Last year felt like one big rush and suddenly it's all over. I don't know what to expect of 2013, I haven't really made any resolutions to keep yet. except for getting my Bachelor's degree in Summer. And hopefully get a job afterwards.

Anyway, I wish you all a happy happy new year, hope you're all feeling fine and had a blast! Me and my boyfriend spent New Year's Eve quite calm, nothing to exciting happened really. I'll definitely go out and party with my friends, no matter if with or without him, because I'm still (relatively) young and can't just sit at home while all people are lighting fireworks and all that good explosive stuff :XD:

Yeah. As for Digimon Academy, I started writing on chapter 4 of course and scanned in some sketches, which I'll definitely have to color. Unfortunately, I didn't get the full version of PaintTool SAI for Christmas, so I'll just have to stick with my old method of linearting on paper & coloring afterwards with Photoshop c_c Pretty annoying and longsome, but nevermind *gg*
If I haven't replied to one of your comments yet, please forgive me, my boyfriend was kind of sick the last couple of days and I had to nurse him. Men are a bloody pain in the a** when they're sick, I tell you >_<'
And what's the reward? College continues again on Monday and I'm feeling totally worn out, tired and...simply exhausted. End of the story. I actually hoped for a relaxing winter break, but that's over now ^^;

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Hey guys, I hope you'll have a great time during the Christmas days and enjoy your holidays (semester breaks or whatever) to the fullest!

I love you all and wish you the greatest time on earth :aww:
I probably won't be online that much this week, because I'm literally visting one relative after another ^^
Don't you just love Christmas?! *_*'

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