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By SulfuricAcid

Not really, I tell you. Just got sick with the flu after everyone else of my family and friends is done being sick. And I was actually quite proud of my immune system working so fantastic this past couple of months, until 3 days ago. Headaches, coughs, snuffles and all that good stuff :no: Went to the dotcor who told me I had the flu. Also told me this is going to last at least 3 weeks to go by. Gosh, the worst thing is that I not only wanted to continue writing on chapter 4, but also have to start writing on my term papers for this semester. January was over so quickly, it's really astonishing every single time ;( Well yeah. Now you know it. I'm sick and I feel bad for letting you guys down again and again. I'm like the worst leader of a fanfiction project ever imaginable.

Hope you're all feeling a lot better than me ^^;
I'm gonna notify you upon major Digimon Academy-related things, though.
Not wanna disappoint you but ch. 4 is currently 5 pages long only. Got lacking of time, and, to admit it, a lil' bit of motivation along all the other stuff going on ._.

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Hope you get well soon, and take your time on the chapter, no need to rush.
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Get well soon!

And hey, if you want any help on anything, I can help!