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Will you be my Valentine?

By SulfuricAcid
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Haha, just a quick sketch of Simon & Mika holding hands :giggle:
I don't really know how I came up with those two, but I think they're kinda cute together ^^ So, maybe there's some future potential for them? :eyes: Who knows, if those two would ever really be interested in a relationship anyway. But yeah xD
Random shipping is random!
Not the highest quality sketch either, as I said I rather rushed it down. And yes, they're supposed to resemble some sorts of little Gingerbread-Chibis (if that makes any sense to you >_<)
If anyone has interest in linearting them and coloring them, go ahead! I might also give the original file to you, if you want

Hope you like it anyway ^^;
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I just happened to come across this and thought the Chibis looks great. I always love these arts. Keep it up! :D
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Thank you very much :aww:
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I wonder what other random pairings from Digimon Academy would look like
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Lol, I have so many weird dreams and thoughts about all kinds of different pairings. Maybe I should concentrate a bit more on this whole couple-themed thing, who knows what the audience would like to see :D

(But don't worry, all definite future couples in the story will not be affected by this xD)
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Maybe you should for the fun of it.

Also don't know where in my comment made it sound like I was worried for the actual pairings.
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Y'know, I was contemplating on who Mika could be shipped with.....


I SUPPORT THIS!! :iconanimefaceplz:
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This is so cute!


That's a cute idea, actually!

May I color them? I probably won't start on them until the weekend though, LOL. (Work takes up a lot of my time and I'm currently trying to figure out why my body is aching so much.)
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Haha, thanks a lot! ^^
You're sooooo welcome to color them, I'd be honored to see your work :la:
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awwww they are so cute XD
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