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Summer Sunshine

By SulfuricAcid

"April! May! June! July!" ♪♫♪ [link]

I started to work on this picture last week because Germany was experiencing an unexpected heat wave, and it was incredibly hot! So I thought "Hmmh, what would the Academy girls look like in their bathing clothes?" And so, this picture came to life :D
Since I actually planned to have at least uploaded the 3 first chapters of Academy by now & launching the website at the end of April, I also thought about a Summer Soundtrack- So, the song above will be the girls' song. I don't have a cover yet, I'm also not sure if I should include the Digimon (if so, it'll be plenty of work!) and I first have to finish the remaining BestPartnerSingles. But plans are plans, so whatever :XD:

So, this pic basically resembles a polaroid snapshot some of the boys might've taken at a day out of the Academy. I included Mika this time! *yaaays*
And please don't be too harsh with your critique on the bathing clothes, I honestly just sketched the things going through my mind.
Unfortunately, Shiver looks a bit too busty for her 15 years of age (that's why she wears a swimsuit instead of a bikini, because I wanted to emphasize her younger age)-> epic fail -_-'
Hopefully you don't mind! I think she looks pretty nontheless ^^'
Another thing disturbing me is Jelani's hair, which came out a bit too long. But since she's a hairstylist, one could at least pretend that she wears extensions or something like that xD'
The reason, Mika blushes is because she's rather shy and intrverted and probably feels a bit uncomfortable being photographed in a bikini.
Also, since I was too lazy to shade everything I just shaded hair and skin. I might add a bit more shade when I got more time, but that's beyond the stars u_ú

I know I've only made group pictures with the girls until now, but I'll definitely work on something for our boys as well!

Hope you like it :wave:
Check out our homepage for more information about Digimon Academy

PS: Proportions in Digimon-style are KILLING me ;__;!
Drawn by hand & colored in Photoshop.
Digimon Academy, Jelani Gataulu & May Thompson © ~SulfuricAcid
Shiver Frost © ~Biodragoonmon
Mika Kaleyas © =MoonPhyr
Beach background image © *Sabtastic
Polaroid stock © ~klinik96
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© 2012 - 2021 SulfuricAcid
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Two questions:

1-When are you going to continue with Digimon Academy?

2-Have you thought about a name change?  (Digimon Academy is kinda common in
EmeraldSora's avatar

I've been wanting to do something like this with my Origins chars for a while, just haven't had any inspiration DX...

I know what you mean by Digimon-style proportions... X.X
SulfuricAcid's avatar
Haha, thanks for the comment :D Pics like that are always funny to draw!
But yeah, I still mess up the proportions xD' I guess it can't be helped!
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Honestly I just love how Shiver and Mays relationship is shown here! I really love it! X3
SulfuricAcid's avatar
Thank you, honey <3
MoonPhyr's avatar
I've gotten a lot of bipolar weather over here in KY :XD: It's finally starting to be hot again LOL

But LOL Mika in a bikini. It's cute!!! :D

(Come to think of it, I never decided what type of swimsuit she would wear LOL) Bikini should be a nice change :XD:
SulfuricAcid's avatar
Haha, I'm glad you like it :blowkiss: I think it looks cutre on her, it's more the sporty-type of bikini.
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Wow looks great love it glad the weathers been sunny there lol been rain here ><
SulfuricAcid's avatar
Haha thanks my dear. The weather was really great, but it began raining again on Monday. The temperature fell from 25° to 13°, so I kinda have a cold now xD'
ThePyroPony's avatar
Awww that sucks >< *offers hot chocolate and a nice warm duvet
SulfuricAcid's avatar
Naaahhhw, you're so sweet :huggle:
Biodragoonmon's avatar
This is SOOOOOO Cute!!!!! X3
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It looks really cool. Awesome job.
SulfuricAcid's avatar
Thanks a lot, I hope I calmed down your anxiety a bit ^^;
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This is very random, but I love your sig. The Doctor = win.
rmac107's avatar
Thanks, it's one of my favorite quotes from the show.
Rubixa-Seraph's avatar
This short insert was HILARIOUS, LOL.

My two favorite doctors in the same TARDIS!
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Awesome pic :D
SulfuricAcid's avatar
Thank you very much :la:
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