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By SulfuricAcid
In my opinion a very philosophical "graffiti".
I think today's Youngsters just don't read enough books.
Starting to hang in front of their computers already in age of primary-school pupils.
If you think about it a bit longer than 5 Minutes it's really kinda shockin' o.o

(Books are such brillant things ._.)
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I developed a theory based on Fanart:

"If you're basing it off the movie & not the book, & then you tell me that you hate reading, this tells me you have a lack of imagination & patience, which doesn't give you much hope as an artist."
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I likes that, using it as my new tag ^.^
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I like the "lack of imagination & patience"-thing, because that's so TRUE :sniff:
man, what a world u.û
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Meh, you try to discuss ANY book with people, & they're like "Oh, I only saw the movie..."
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Yeah, and there are SO many things LEFT OUT in such movies >.<
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& so many things they change. What are the most annoying movie addaptions you've seen of books you've read?
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I concur that this is some pretty amazing graffiti. XD I love reading, but I also love my computer (and my RPGs...). I think that it's fine if you maintain a proper balance, though. But for the record, I watch TV maybe one hour a week, if that. O.o

And sometimes it's fun to watch the soaps! They're so ridiculous that they're funny. XD
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It's because people like things in a more visual way. If we had the tech. we have today 1,000 years ago, it'd be no different =/
I myself, am on the computer a lot, but I read a lot of things on the computer, so that makes up for any books I've missed.
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Well yeah, that's true.
I actually meant those kids who ...ehm...(to be gentle, though~) are kind of underexposed in their way of thinkin and speakin' and probably never held a book in their hands, just sittin on the sofa, watchin talkshows or those awful daily soaps. x_X

On the other hand I think that things like ...RPG's for example are a modern alternative to books. They're like multimedia "Books" where you get to see things and have to read stuff at the same time.
mh :shrug:
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