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Meet The [Real] Girls!

By SulfuricAcid
Hey everybody :D
I'm back with a little surprise here. Have you recognized these 4 pretty teenage girls?
Yes, you're right! They're my out-of-boredom-and-sickness-created Sims 3 versions of our Academy girls cast :la:
I had nothing better to do today, and couldn't think of drawing anything either, so I started my Sims 3 and suddenly I figured "Hey, why not recreate the Academy cast in a semi-real attempt?"
I tried my hardest to stick to the right anatomy and facial features. (I'm gonna provide detailed pictures of each of them later on). I really struggled with Mika's looks, especially her hair- but finally I found a hairstyle of which I thought she would have it if she was real *gg*
Their swimwear is based upon this picture I drew last summer:

Hope you like it :wave:
And yes, I'll do the boys as well, don't you worry xD
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ROFL Oh my god. I never thought of seeing this XD Sorry if Mika can be a pain to ya, sometimes. :XD:
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Haha, big surprise eh? :XD:
And Mika wasn't really a "pain", but it was difficult because I tried to figure out what facial significances she would have & I didn't want her to look alike with May (since they're both blonde etc. *has a habit of making her Sims look almost identical at times*)
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XD this is great, they all look like their cartoon selves in real life amazing job and they are all acting like I suspect they would especially May LOL

LOVE IT and cant wait to see what you do with the boys hehe
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Thanks a lot :D I was having quite some fun with them xD'
And I'm almost have way through with the boys. Still need to figure out what to with them (pose-wise xD)
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Cool, they all look like their Academy counterparts :D
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Haha thanks, I was hoping they would :dance:
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when can we expect a guys version?
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