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Lovely Ladies

By SulfuricAcid
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From left to right: Jelani Gataulu, Shiver Frost, May Thompson & Mika Kaleyas
Yeah, this is just a quick one for more details about their faces. A close-up on their clothes will follow, as well as the boys. But I have to learn for my exam on Wednesday, so there's little time for a fully photoshopped collage of the whole cast right away. That plus the fact that I'm working on my Valentine's picture :D
So, I tried my hardest to keep up to their "official clothes" from the artworks, even though I lacked a zipped vest for Mika >_< (again, the body-shot will follow asap!) I also got the impression that she looks a bit sad/bored, but I guess a big wide smile wouldn't have suited her that much either ;_; xD' For her eyecolour I went a bit more for an "ochre"-like direction, because amber looked really creepy :XD: I love how her lips turned out tough *.*
Jelani was by far the easiest of them to recreate because I had "real-life" references from my college-friend Wenta, which Jelani is based upon ^^

Hope you like them :wave:

PS: Yes, I should be studying, but Youtube & Sims 3 keeps me procrastinating so hard -_- I'm feeling baaad!
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Shiver looks like a cutie