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Seems like an eternity since I uploaded something ^^'
So I've got a little something for you, featuring some characters of Digimon Academy which I haven't really drawn a lot.
And don't wonder about the title, I just had an earwowm of this song by The Caesars the whole day!

These are Spiller, Joshua & Jaden- The most sporty and adventurous guys of the main cast in my opinion. I was going to add Michael instead of Joshua at first but I figured that Mike is rather the surfer and wouldn't feel comfortable in a thing like this :XD:

I honestly spent more than 6 and a half hours on this, mainly because the lineart was all blurry because the paper got wet (I left open the window above my desk although it was raining~~) and I had to "repair" as good as I could. This alone took me almost 1 1/2 hours and then came the coloring.
This is also my first time drawing water, sky and sun BY MYSELF!! It was a pain in the ass xDD ;_; It took me so long and I'm still not really satisfied.
The water in the foreground looks splashy enough for my taste and I couldn't manage to do any better, although I browsed like hundreds of tutorials.
It's over and the pic will stay as it is now :shakefist:

Now to the important questions:
Why doesn't Spiller wear his fox-ear-goggles and looks so creepy?
I have absolutely no idea. His grin looks really maniac, I'm so sorry for that, it wasn't really my intention xD His head looks a bit weird overall, but yeah.

Why's Jaden wearing a bathing cap?
Because he looks good with it!? I dunno, I just saw him with a bathing cap before my inner eyes and sketched it right away xD'

Why...does Josh's face look all ugly while his body doesn't?
I honestly wish I knew that u_ú I tried my best. At first I wanted to draw his normal eyes but they looked all crappy so I made an attempt to draw his face somewhat semi-chibi.

How do the three possibly fit into a single swim ring?
They're all thin and skinny. That's why. And no naughty thoughts, you hear me? >_<
They're just three good friends having a funny time in an innertube together in the middle of the ocean. 'Nuf said!

Where are their Digimon partners?
Somewhere else. Swimming in the ocean, maybe bathing in the sun. They wouldn't have fit into this tire anyway!

Anyways, maybe you noticed it or not, I tried to use the lense flare as well to make it look more shiny and stylish, but my Photoshop didn't want to obey and this wannabe-effect of the sun beams came to life.

I'm a bit crazy today and totally exhausted because this picture drove me insane. It's not you, I'm yelling at, don't worry! ^^'
Drawn by hand & colored in Photoshop.
Digimon Academy & Joshua Sullivan © ~SulfuricAcid
Spiller © *Tazimo
Jaden Evans © ~rmac107
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© 2012 - 2023 SulfuricAcid
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Wow really awesome job (spiller dosent look weird and as a matter of fact none of the them do). You did an amazing job on the water and the guys looks like they are having a great time XD

Hows you been?