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Digivolution Time!

By SulfuricAcid
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Guess who's back? Righto! And I've brought you something (more or less) special as well :la:
Well, I originally planned to add this to chapter 3 as a surprise image, but I couldn't resist to show you earlier!
Another reason is, that I couldn't include everyone's D-Port, because Jelani's partner Nurumon has already digivolved to the Rookie level in the first chapter *spoil spoil*)

So, as you can see these are our main characters' D-Ports! This is how I imagine the scenery to look like when the Digimon digivolve, if it were an actual "Anime" or something of that sort.
It's a lazily done .gif, so please bear with me. I don't have flash and I know that there's still a huge ugliness in the picture overall. But for the first try, hey~ That's a start, ain't it? :eyes:
The only thing bothering me is the same colored background of Mika's & Joshua's picture. But I was too lazy to fix it, so I hope you'll forgive me for this as well ^^' Spiller's hand looks also quite strange, because I totally forgot to include his glove, that's why it might look a bit odd because I included it digitally (using my mouse, because I don't own a tablet and I have a terribly shaking hand when it comes to draw something with the mouse! x_x)

Hope you like it! And stay tuned for chapter 3, which is going to be finished in a few days! :wave:
For more information about the story and characters, please check out our group!
Drawn by hand & colored in Photoshop.
Digimon Academy & D-Port design © *SulfuricAcid
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© 2012 - 2021 SulfuricAcid
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so colorful!it`s so cool!!!
SulfuricAcid's avatar
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MonstAofWaTeR's avatar
wow ... very nice .. i like it^^
SulfuricAcid's avatar
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Thank yooouuu x3
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Thank you, sweetie, I'm glad you like it :dummy:
ThePyroPony's avatar
Now that is epic toast with awesome sauce XDXD a nice surprise to come home to after a crappy karate session XDXD I may have to steal this for my webcam if you dont mind?

love love love it
SulfuricAcid's avatar
I'm glad to have pleased you with this ^^
And of course, I wouldn't mind at all, so go ahead! :D
ThePyroPony's avatar
:) ty reeeeeally cant wait for chapt 3.

To be honest its all ive got to look forward to lately >< *dance
SulfuricAcid's avatar
Ohw, honey, I didn't know you were sooo eagerly awaiting it. Now I feel ashamed that I wasn't able to finish it earlier >_<'
But at least I'm almost certain that you'll definitely like it (I hope, the others will too xD')
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XD dont worry :) and Im sure everyone will love it ^^
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Now that is awesome! :D
ChakkaVoodz's avatar
No prob!

I wish I could draw like that for my group TT_TT

Im all jealous now...
SulfuricAcid's avatar
Nahw, that's so sweet of you ^^'
But there's really no need to feel jealous or anything, until last two years ago I didn't know how to use photoshop or to color my art digitally ^^;
ChakkaVoodz's avatar
I still can't draw a circle........
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