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DigimonAcademy: Chapter 1 screencaps

By SulfuricAcid
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Yes, I know, these are actually coming very late and I hope =Barghestmon doesn't mind that I somehow stole her idea of posting the chapter-screenshots here on deviantart as well.
But since a lot of people aren't aware of our new cool website yet, I wanted to use these as a motivation to visit our site and read our first chapter "Digital Encounter".
Chapter 2 is almost finished and once it's uploaded to the site, I'll post the respective screenshots on here, too x3 *on which I seem to be improving a lot!*

So, go on and visit the official Digimon Academy Website! :la:

PS: And yes, I know, the third panel isn't actually my own work, I just used Toei's official image of Allomon and photoshopped it. I will definitely draw my own version of BlackAllomon if I ever get all my other stuff done >_<
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I remember reading Pardusmon having to be with someone else.Made me cry me eyes out.
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Yes, it's a kind of heartbreaking story ^^;
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XD great idea Acid *puts on reading glasses in prep for chapter 2 :)
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Poor digimon! -hugs and gives a cookie-
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Wow! the story looks amazing! Gottofav
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*forth panel* someone needs a hug *hug the baby digimon*
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hehe :3 *scratches under the baby digimon's chin* lets find your owner
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haha XD I like posting the screencaps up to get people interested and let them know a new ep is up. I'm surprised not many other people do it too, but it's a good way to get a fic noticed, isn't it? I saw these on the site before and my favs are the first two for sure :D
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Yaaays thanks a bunch, my dear :dummy:
Yeah, the first two are my faves too, because they're the ones I obviously put the most effort into xD' I totally failed at drawing (Black)Allomon, so I was being lazy and the last shot didn't turn out as good as I intended but on the other hand, I really wanted to launch the site and upload chapter 1 as soon as possible ^^;
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