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PMD: VF - 732: A Difficult Choice

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Published: January 1, 2019
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Victory Fire 732

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SoundwaveCheese777Hobbyist General Artist
I have a very bad feeling about this--
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Bad feelings intensifies xD
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Mewtwo's machine is ready for everyone to work together, Lovrina has no reason to ruin the entire operation, and Darkrai is faithful in Mewtwo's words. I have faith that things are going to work out.... if Hoopa doesn't show up.
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How nervous Darkrai looks really hurts.
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SPQR21Hobbyist General Artist
The poor guy. I just want to hug him before the procedure starts.
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TimeturnerJasmyHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh no, I've got all kinds of bad feelings about this :c I hope they'll be alright...
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Rat-Man1Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't thik this is going to work out sadly. 

I can't look.
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This will end badly 
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rosesarehipStudent General Artist
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WatcherMagicHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh yikes, I'm terrified
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Here comes nothing...
A Giant...
Miracle SMASH
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the first PMD:VF In 2019
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I forgot why Mewtwo's doing this
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He hopes to get a viral YouTube video out of it.
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sulfurbunny, can you tell me again why Mewtwo is doing this?
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It's a massive machine to purify Darkrai. Before you say that's overboard, Lovrina did something that would just turn him shadow again if normal means were used long ago, so... this is all they got to try and help him. It has to work...
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A few pages back, Mewtwo learned that Lovrina's XD process for Darkrai causes him to continuously 're-Shadow' himself. So even if purified he'd just go right back to being Shadow Darkrai again. Mewtwo built this to fix that, so Darkrai can live a life without Lovrina's psychotic bullcrap. ... Unfortunately it seems like she's sabotaged it for no good reason. We'll see.
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RibbonSwanHobbyist Traditional Artist
To "fix" Darkrai.
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Oh, I really hope nothing goes too wrong. Something always goes wrong on first attempts, I just hope this one is minor.
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PitchBlackEspressoHobbyist Traditional Artist
i'm still convinced something will go wrong. we still haven't seen the corrupted arceus from the cover, and considering how lovrina 100% intends to sabotage this, i'm very worried
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I have been wondering when Shadow Arceus will show up as well.  If Lovrina sabotages the machine, she is surrounded by pokemon who actually know how to fight. Lovrina hasn't even fought one battle. Could she talk her way out of it? (If she is not talking to Wes). There is also a matter of Hoopa showing up. This should be interesting how everything plays out. One of the options is that Lovrina becomes Pumpkin Puree.... so something good happens out of this.
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PitchBlackEspressoHobbyist Traditional Artist
that's what i hope. she's got a big mouth, but most likely can't fight to save her life, and everybody is vary of her and knows she's a soulless creature. still, she seemed way too keen on helping once she figured out the space globe was going to be implemented in the machine...
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