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PMD: VF - 731: Systems Check
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Published: December 28, 2018
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Victory Fire 731

Rose New pages will be posted on Tuesdays and Fridays, please check back :) (Smile) Rose

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Rat-Man1Hobbyist Digital Artist
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KeyoteaHobbyist General Artist
It's a smash ball.
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ArtisticAutistic04Hobbyist Artist
 HI! Snigello, I'm glad you are enjoying the comic! Are you hyped for 2019? One hour left! (Now it there are six minutes left)
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SnigelloStudent Digital Artist
Hey I've been reading this comic for a couple of days now, and I just have to say that it's amazing. I love all the characters and the story, and it's just so cool how you've put so much work into this :').  Keep up the great work.
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Oof I am not comfortable with the evil pumpkin anywhere near a control panel.
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i can smell tension
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TimeturnerJasmyHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh boy... This does not bode well. I hope this thing doesn't blow up while Mewtwo takes all that psychic strain. Shoot, now I'm really worried for him, and perhaps Darkrai as well. After all, he'll be on the receiving end of whatever is going to happen.
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Even worse would be if Hoopa chooses this moment in time to call in that favor...
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DawnDewdropStudent Artist
Oh shoot! I wanna see her reaction to Jen heheh
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SPQR21Hobbyist General Artist
I don't think she even knows Jen is a pokemon.
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DawnDewdropStudent Artist
exactly hehehe
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A good ol’ spit and mud goes a long way
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Spit and duct tape and you forgot the duct tape.

I don't think that's following any safety regulations
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ArtisticAutistic04Hobbyist Artist
I think Lovrina and Jen might finally confront each other soon.
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TDArulesclub4Student General Artist
I still can't believe this whole comic is made on MS Paint..
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TDArulesclub4Student General Artist
Yup.  Coloring in MS Paint: VF step-by-step by sulfurbunny
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Holy...! :wow: I didn't know you could do things like this in MS Paint! It's like super basic! 
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Then what do you think of this? Be warned though, that video can induce varying amounts of jealousy:…

"It's not the tools that matter. It's the artist."... or more specifically, what matters the most is HOW you use the tools that you're given. It's true that some people are born with traits that give them advantages/disadvantages over the "average person" (like having above average eye-hand coordination from young age vs. having a motor disablity that makes it harder to use a pen or mouse). But ultimately, it's about how you use the tools that you're given, with the traits that you personally possess.

Given the date that tutorial was posted (more than 4 years ago), I wonder if they still use paint that much for this comic? Though I suppose it's easier to keep the art style consistent if you stick to the (quite limited) art program you've used all the way from the beginning, instead of changing it for something else.
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Are you kidding? I can't even draw that good with a pen and much less with Photoshop. And this guy/gal can do it Paint! And it looks absolutely stunning too! :wow:

I agree with you completely. If you're really good at something or determined, anything can be used for masterpieces. Still, it's quite unbelievable and very very impressive! I've always discarded Paint as a "basic program only good for flat coloring".. I take it back. It lacks the smoothness of many more advanced programs that uses more colors and pixels so it's still kinda blocky but it's a style in itself and damn it's a good style for this comic.

I think the overall look of the comic would suffer from changing program so I would believe MS Paint is still the way to go with this? Or they managed to copy the style over to another program.

Oh shit, 4 years? Can't believe it's been running for so long. I'm highly impressed of the dedication to finish this. Many give up after 2 years.
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Piplup-LuvHobbyist Digital Artist
Giving Lovrina the controls to the device that is meant to undo or nullify what she did to Darkrai probably isn't the BEST idea Mewtwo has had...
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Perhaps, but I guess that he doesn't have other options. Remember how Mewtwo wasn't knowledgeable enough for Lovrina's field of study? How he was forced to ask her explain her notes in a way that even he, with his lackluster biochemistry skills, could understand?

I get the feeling Lovrina is the only person skilled enough to operate the machine properly. Perhaps if this was a "regular" purification process with a normal shadow Pokemon AND a proper machine (like the one in colosseum games), Mewtwo or even Wes could handle it. Instead, they have even more corrupted shadow Pokemon (an unstable and very powerful legendary) AND a purification machine that is barely holding together... so yeah, I think it's  just out of necessity.

Gotta give props for this comic that Mewtwo isn't an omnipotent know-it-all nerd. Like in movies where that one character who's a doctor also knows how to hack into FBI's data files and build a working spaceship out of a dumpster, hair dryer and rubber chickens.
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TeeterGlanceHobbyist Digital Artist
why do I feel like this is going to go horribly wrong :C
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"Alright, we're ready to go. It's a good thing the most powerful person here doesn't owe a magically-enforced debt to a powerful being of known mischief and unknown morality."
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