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PMD: VF - 727: Gathering
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Published: December 14, 2018
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Victory Fire 727

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RechtBrecher75Hobbyist General Artist
New two determined face, ACTIVATE!
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RechtBrecher75Hobbyist General Artist
Mewtwo* Autocorrect likes to fuck me.
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Rat-Man1Hobbyist Digital Artist
That would not be good. ^^
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SmoothOperator8Hobbyist Artist
Medicham flips off Mewtwo, and Airalin just sits there confused. I'm starting to get this story though.
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WHO'S AIRALIN.............. no wait i got you mean that airalinfrom rakakung
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Oh sweet Gard, you really don't understand what Mewtwo is. Mewtwo is very capable of killing Darkrai in one Focus Punch, fairly sure he's got the ability to stand up to a type difference while using Miracle Eye. They're both legendaries, even~
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TimeturnerJasmyHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm really impressed by Mewtwo, but I'm also somewhat worried. He has such high expectations of himself - I hope he won't break under all that weight on his shoulders.
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He's not a threat in any way, but...

Something about Mewtwo's demeaner here has been concerning me. Maybe he's just really stressed but...

He just seems so impossibly driven, unstoppable, and severe. All serious, and no silly. All lion, and no kitty.

I just hope that there is some acknowledgment of that.
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after what he did in the first movie i don't think we'll be finding "kitty" any time soon
MitochondrialAdam's avatar
What do you mean? There has been a whole Arc dedicated to Lopunny helping Mewtwo bring out his sweeter side.
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BearinbigbluehouseHobbyist General Artist
It should be fine, he's a main character.
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Mewtwo you're worrying me over here
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WatcherMagicHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yikes, yay and wow! One really shouldn't mess around with Mewtwo and Darkrai. (Why do I get the feeling Lovrina might end up as part of this process?)
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Gakriele-lvsHobbyist Traditional Artist

How about we give you a Ring Target? Tard Idea 
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I Love this sentence, SO much. Ahh, Mind reading can be so fun at times.
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Wait what's that lil frilly thing doing in that group?
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SirArceonHobbyist Writer
Well, Gothitas are Psychic-types, too... strange they'd someone so young for a project this big.
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paladinstormHobbyist Writer
It's funny how we assume their age based on their evolution stage, even though it's been shown that age and evolution stage can be completely unrelated (like that old treecko in the anime).
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ZichqecHobbyist General Artist
"The XD Process"...... XD
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Wait. So Bosskitty COULD have read N all the time? All I know is he couldn't read Dark Types not long ago. Or was that a bluff?
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I don't think miracle eye is something you use in casual conversation.
Sherval's avatar
According to Bulbapedia, it's a move Mewtwo learns at lower levels, usually at level 29.

So I suppose that in this story, he has either forgotten it already or he never learned it in the first place. But Alakazam can ALSO learn miracle eye, so it's possible he taught it to Mewtwo very recently.
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