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PMD: VF - 726: Two Roads
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Published: December 11, 2018
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Victory Fire 726

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Wouldn't there be a similar space between her and humans now?
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RechtBrecher75Hobbyist General Artist
I really, really hope that Jen becomes Darkrai's partner. I don't want their friendship to ever end.
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KeyoteaHobbyist General Artist
Being human is overrated.
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TimeturnerJasmyHobbyist Digital Artist
I really agree with Darkrai on this. 
Being somewhere new is always exciting, but once the novelty of it all fades, you'll be confronted with everyday life and all the ups and downs that go along with that. 
And if you are unable to put down any roots in the place you find yourself in, you will just be adrift for the rest of your life, unable to make lasting connections and constantly grasping for happiness, never quite able to pin it down. 
Take it from someone who has travelled a lot - the journey is fantastic, but actually settling down is harder than it looks.
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Dedalo-el-HispanoHobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like this page for bringing such an interesting topic and I must say that I 100% agree with Darkrai!

Becoming a pokemon is cool and all, but it's true that you are who you were born as. Of course, you may be able to change some stuff, but you can't change what is inherently natural in you. Jen was a human and always, deep down, will be, and that is nothing she can change.

That's the reason why I usually don't like the PMD epilogues. They may be happy, sure, but just the idea of leaving my nature (and family, and life overall) to live the rest of my days as a pokemon (just because I became "super-duper-friend" with a nice someone and because I may find pokemon cute) is something that gives me bad vibrations...
CHAOSCRITTERStudent Digital Artist
this conversation really makes me curious about how the game protags are doing in this universe 
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Rat-Man1Hobbyist Digital Artist
I do not agree with Darkrai on this. 
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I feel like I'm the only one that agrees with Darkrai.
She would abandoning all her family, all technology, everything about reality she knew. It's extremely difficult to not start missing those things after a while. Plus, all the adventure and near death stress WOULD eventually become numb to her, ESPECIALLY with how little other jobs there are, that are even remotely furfilling.

Plus.......There is the matter of breeding. She's a kid NOW, but in the FUTURE, she would have to deal with the psychological stresses of being a human-turned Pokemon, who might be the mother of a normal Pokemon.

By the time she returns to the Human world, all her family and friends could have aged significantly, or possibly died.
She would never be able to intergrate back into Human society fully, and be fully happy again, if she didn't leave the PMD world before she grew too comfy there, and too distant from Earth.

I know we all like to over romantice the idea of waking up as a Pokemon in the PMD world, and imagining it as WAY better than reality, but that's simply not how it would REALISTICALLY go, for multiple different reasons. 
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Dedalo-el-HispanoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Man, you are not the only one. I 100% agree with you!
It's cool to be a pokemon for a while, but you were born as a human, and you can never change that.

That can become especially creepy with motherhood, as you clearly stated.
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Yeah. It's important that we view this stuff from a realistic prospectve, instead of an idealistic fantasy one.
Plus, half of the PMD world is full of either:
-Jerk Gods and Jerk Demi Gods.
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Dedalo-el-HispanoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well... but who cares? That also means combat. And combat = adventure.

But, jokes aside... now that you mention... and as a matter of a bit of auto-critique... don't you think that the tone has something to do?

I mean, maybe we are supposed to see these PMD worlds where it's ok to go day-to-day on combat-based adventures under a ideally fantasy view and not under the spectrum of reality. Because... hey, maybe these worlds were made with this idealistically mentality in mind and things that might not work "realistically", might work "fantastically".

Let me put an example. Motherhood. Yeah, I know it's creepy, but I think it can be interesting to go for the limits to get to the point.
Realistically, it would be creepy af to become mother of a bunch of magic animals... but maybe... just maybe, in fantasy... that... works?
Still creepy af.

OTHER EXAMPLE. Bandit hunts.

Yeah, sure, there are many "real-life" bandits, but there's a limit. Also, you don't see police or armies going on "adventures" day-to-day to hunt criminals. Criminal hunting and actual combat is something that rarely happens and it's best to avoid due to its dangerous nature.
But in the fantasy world, it works, in a way.
TheShatteredAura's avatar
The problem is, reality remains consistent, no matter what world you are in.
Things don't magically change, because you're in a "fantasy" world. In fact, things tend to be a lot worse in a fantasy world.

Any world can appear idealistic, if you only focus on the positives, with the right characters, for a limited amount of time.
I must sound like a cynical old man. ^^;
Dedalo-el-Hispano's avatar
Dedalo-el-HispanoHobbyist Traditional Artist
I am not that sure about the first point...
I mean, some things change, that's why we can talk about "fantasy", for starters.
And... if some things can change, why not the basic mechanishm of the world and society?

A while ago I played a game called "Final Fantasy Tactics advance". It was a game where you would build a clan of soldiers and battle other clans. The thing is... there was this "special magic" that allowed everyone fight to the death but without dying in the end.
That actually led to a society based on violence... but said violence wasn't such as a drama as the real world. I mean, people even dueled each other for fun. It was a sport, even.
The "tone" of this game was kinda light-hearted and it actually seemed to encourage you to pick up a sword and become an adventurer yourself.

So yeah, what I want to prove here is... that reality, with the corresponding "tone", can be shapeshifted a lot when it comes to fantasy, up to the point of bending basic laws of reality.
What I mean is... when it comes to fantasy worlds, I think that the "tone" is the most important part. It is what will define the nature of this world and, also, the criteria we should follow to judge it.

As for the second point... well, yeah. Building a fantasy world isn't easy, and maybe these mechanics you break lead to worse consequences. For example, in the game I mentioned earlier... well, let's just say that crime was at its highest rates and people, even if they didn't die in combat, they suffered.

But, back to the tone... maybe this fantasy world's "tone" could have defined that there simply are "not" these consequences. Catch what I mean?
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Dedalo-el-HispanoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, then. I am glad we hade this conversation.
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Rat-Man1Hobbyist Digital Artist
... You think what you want and I'll Think what I think.
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I think it's more about HOW she returns, and under what conditions. Stay forever as a Pokemon wouldn't be a grand idea, but it would be a tragedy, and unsatisfying to me, if she leaves and is forever unable to return, or can never see her friends again.

Would sorta be like a "it was all just a dream" cliche.
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Except it wouldn't, since she changed so much about the world. Plus N and Wes would go back with her, so she would still have people to chat to about what happened.
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I still would be disappointed if Jen never see's Darkrai again. Them somehow becoming partners would be adorable, and would work in much the same way as Mewtwo and N being partners.
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That could work, I guess.
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0bsidianlinkHobbyist General Artist
This is a good page and I'm happy to see this topic being discussed. now just give us some interaction between jen and lovrina and we'll have covered all the bases for the comic finishing
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I think being a pokemon is better than being a human.
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Do the protagonists of the games just not exist in this comic? Treasure Town got trashed, which certainly wouldn't have happened if the Explorers Protagonist was there.
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Mightyena-of-HoennHobbyist General Artist
They just don't appear in person, as the protags are representative of the players. Just keeps them ambiguous. The Rescue Team protags are referenced by Gengar at the least, but no names are mentioned.
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