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PMD: VF - 723: Under Moonlight
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Published: November 30, 2018
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Victory Fire 723

Rose New pages will be posted on Tuesdays and Fridays, please check back :) (Smile) Rose

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RechtBrecher75Hobbyist General Artist
Darkrai looks so freaking cute holding his charm in both hands (1st panel). He and Mewtwo are my favorites.
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MiffixHobbyist Digital Artist
That's the spirit Darkrai!! <3
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SilverAndFoldStudent Artisan Crafter
Ahhhhhhh my precious cinnamon roll baby yes have hope! woo! *\o/*
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Forest-LarkStudent Digital Artist
I want this page framed on my wall so I can look at it every day it's so uplifting n lovely asdkajsdkjashdkajdhsjka
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This has got to be the calmest I've ever seen Darkrai.
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Rat-Man1Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was a creepy smile. O.O
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MalcmodnarHobbyist Writer
This page is beautiful. The effects are gorgeous, and this scene gives us some real insight into just who Darkrai really was before Lovrina's meddling; thoughtful and observant, but with the same wit that we've seen throughout his entire story. It never feels as if Darkrai has had a sudden change of heart - this is just who he is, and who he has been all along. This scene finally lets us know just how far down he buried that part of him.

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There is something genuinely uplifting about that page. It's... nice.
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That's right darkrai. Just hang in there. Hope is something you definitely need right now.
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Darkrai ma boi, you know i luv you, I really do buuuuuuuuuuuut.....
what you are doing right now it's kinda a privacy violation
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Judging creatures who predate human civilization and probably humanity as a whole by human social considerations and/or law is absolutely silly. Let's arrest Arceus for not having a building permit when he created the universe, eh? That's the law, after all.
Wiffer17's avatar
Let's just give him this one. Things are finally looking up for him :D
spamer921's avatar
yeah you are right
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Well hes not exactly looking into them hes just feeling the vibes of the dreams around him and seeing that everyone sleeps peacefully with happy dreams :)
spamer921's avatar
but i can't get out of my head the idea of someone walking on a room full of people sleeping, who starts watching them and smile because they look so peaceful while dreaming

and you can't deny that image is creepy just for say the least
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I wont deny that its just darkrai for the first time in this story we get to see how he truly is. As for the sickness I do know from my knowledge of shadow Pokemon the effect does weaken with care, love, and trust being shown to the Pokemon in question. Even something as mundane as being with them can have an effect on that. However from my knowledge I also know that the sickness whilst reduces its grip when it does frenzy it fights much more fiercely...its also possible that it could occur more often because of its weak grip on darkrai but judging as it stands darkrai isn't the norm hes an exception as hes not a shadow pokemon corrupted by it under the normal conditions. The shadow pokemon effect also doesnt seem to spout frenzy at any random interval meaning as long as darkrai remains with friends and doesn't panic from stress his shadow pokemon affliction should remain stable. Cureing it is gonna be a whole other ball game though especially since this is not the normal shadow sickness... But i do know in its weakened state should prove to make it easier to purify Darkrai of it.
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sorry your whole lore explaintion about Darkrai condition doesn't make less creepy the fact he's basically watching mons while they are sleeping
Naterasu's avatar
Yha but its what the king of dreams does.
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WatcherMagicHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw This is such a happy page!
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its always nice to have some hope once and a while
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Tenshineko01Hobbyist General Artist
Darkrai is the best Legend next to Mewtwo, Lugia and Entie.
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ChubbinatorHobbyist Digital Artist
Darkrai is by far best boi
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Lord-SiverHobbyist Digital Artist
BTW did someone else noticed Darkrai is glistening in the same shimmer of the lunar feather pendant thingy?
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RechtBrecher75Hobbyist General Artist
Oh hey, I noticed that too!
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