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PMD: VF - 721: Guardian

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Published: November 23, 2018
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Victory Fire 721

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R U gonna write the part where Lovrina learns Jen, the Audio, is her sister? Or is that one of the things in the comic that's already implied?
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RakkuguyFan2Hobbyist Artist
Audino with emotions...huh. Interesting. I just remembered the dead eyes in the game and thought it would be impossible to change the cold smile.
Neko-Noskire's avatar
i thought audino was a magical girl protagonist in a perpetual state of altruism and forgiveness
RakkuguyFan2's avatar
RakkuguyFan2Hobbyist Artist
Look, the nintendo ds can't show this kind of stuff with his 3 pixels, the smile looks like one of these animated smileys of the 2000s and the eyes are in one cold blue
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SPQR21Hobbyist General Artist
Hugging. Facebook Thumbs Up Icon 
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I'm calling it, now, Jen will be Darkrai's new partner.
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Ouf, as if Lovirna needed more transgressions. Now, I've seen a lot of people theorizing the she'll try to interfere in the cure process. I don't doubt that, but I personally think that her interference will backfire on her and her alone, and we'll see arceus deal out some karmic justice. One can, hope anyway.
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Rat-Man1Hobbyist Digital Artist
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DawnDewdropStudent Artist
Has Jen even told her that she's her sis?
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Not yet, but boy will the fireworks show go off when it happens.
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DawnDewdropStudent Artist
OMG, I know, right? There is gonna be shock and anger galore !
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0bsidianlinkHobbyist General Artist
let clap emoji Jen clap emoji have clap emoji a clap emoji one clap emoji on clap emoji one clap emoji with clap emoji Lovrina clap emoji and clap emoji yell clap emoji  at clap emoji her
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CloureedArtHobbyist General Artist
I agree
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I would agree even more if a punch to the face was part of the equation.
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Awww, that last panel!
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CrystalChellHobbyist Digital Artist
MY HEART!!! Game Over [Undertale] 
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Tenshineko01Hobbyist General Artist
Awww. I love Jen and Darirai.
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Your story is really interesting and I get excited for Tuesday’s and Friday’s as a result. I’m really interested in what going to happen next. Thank you for giving the readers such a gem.
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WatcherMagicHobbyist Traditional Artist
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WarriorcatdragonStudent Digital Artist
I wonder if seeing how Lovrina's actions have hurt her sister will make her start to rethink what she's done... One can hope.
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Darkrai is just the sweetest little bean. I love him.
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rosesarehipStudent General Artist
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Jen, just go kick, punch, do physical harm to your sister. See how she likes it :x
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