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PMD: VF - 717: Cloudburst

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Published: November 9, 2018
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Victory Fire 717

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Darkrai looks like a European rock star with that drippy hair!
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Tenshineko01Hobbyist General Artist
lol I love Darkrai's wet hair. XD
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SPQR21Hobbyist General Artist
Wet hair darkrai... :I
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RechtBrecher75Hobbyist General Artist
Is it bad if I think that Darkrai actually looks pretty fecking amazing with his hair soaked like that? XD
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Rat-Man1Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Somebody is a party pooooper
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Soggy Darkrai looks amazing xD
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My gosh is soaking wet Darkrai adorable.
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KeyoteaHobbyist General Artist
Don't need a super soaker for that weather.
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Forest-LarkStudent Digital Artist
Oh my gosh Darkrai looks SO adorable with wet hair :lovesquee: 

You have truly blessed us
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TimeturnerJasmyHobbyist Digital Artist
ohhhh my god their precious faces in the last panel x3 I love them so much!
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DawnDewdropStudent Artist
lol, throw Gengar in the rain for a sec, pfft, it's fun. then again, I am a totadile, so I never had much issue with it, hahahaha, love your new look, Darkrai!
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EurekaTrollcatHobbyist General Artist
Wet Darkrai is something I never knew I needed until now.
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ArtisticAutistic04Hobbyist Artist
Did anyone else burst out laughing, when you first saw Jen and Darkrai soaked from the rain?
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SmoothOperator8Hobbyist Artist
Darkrai becomes THAT when he gets wet?!?!? LOL
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Those little moments that make life worth living
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Grumpy Cat how dare you dripping gengar's floor??!!!!
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Ryusuta Digital Artist
Not gonna lie; this page had me grinning from ear to ear. <3
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i have seen worse far worse
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Yo Darkrai, ever thought about getting a new partner? You know, to replace the one who tortured you and turned you into an unstable mess? Because methinks that there's a VERY good candidate standing right next to you, just now. Jen is still young and can be a bit childish at times, but she's also very kind and really wise for her age. If you crave for attention and affection from a human being, you might as well pick one who's willing to return those feelings and treat you with proper respect.

(And no, I don't ship them. They'd be perfectly fine as friends. Or as a Pokemon and their partner. Heh, the idea of a mature and far older being treating a young kid as their boss/parental figure is pretty cute :3.)
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you are saying parthnership is some kinda soul bonding slavement?, i mean just because darkrai call Lovrina his parther once on this whole comic doesn't he is willing to do for her as much victini did
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Wut, how the heck did you make that interpretation O_o?

Like I said, they could be seen as friends or pokemon + trainer combo (or Pokemon + partner combo, as the Pokemon themselves call it). Nothing about enslavement, though there is definitely a power structure at play there, no matter what terms you use for it. Hence the "boss" term.

On page 707, Darkrai made it clear WHY he was willing to forgive Lovrina so much and WHY he referred her as his "partner". He wasn't anywhere near as desperate to please Lovrina compared to Victini, but he still wanted her affection and attention, regardless. Especially, when even the Pokemon feared and despised Darkrai so much. Partly because of his nightmare skill/curse, and partly because of all the crap he'd done in the Mystery Dungeon game this comic is based on.

It has been stated multiple times, both in anime and games, that the bond between a human and Pokemon is comparable to that of a parent and their child, or between two friends. Or that's what it's SUPPOSED to be like, ideally. But of course, we have groups like team Rocket who only treat Pokemon as tools.

It has also been hinted that many Pokemon WANT to have a human partner, even if they're initually suspicious about the person who captured them. For example, in gen 4, one of Dr. Footstep's translation about your Pokemon's feelings goes like this:

"<player> is... A remarkable human and Trainer. That I can always perform the best any <Pokémon> possibly can... I attribute that entirely to my partner <player>. When we travel, I can see wild Pokémon eyeing us enviously..."

Mewtwo had this dilemma for quite a while: his natural need for human's companionship versus his fears of being abused, like before, and being treated as a lesser being. That's why he reacted so strongly, when the one person he finally WANTED and TRUSTED as his partner agreed to it.

Now Darkrai faces the same dilemma, in a way. Part of the reason he probably called Lovrina his partner is simply because she captured him. Unfairly perhaps, but still. But more importantly, Darkrai still seems to crave for human companionship, same way Mewtwo did. He clearly had high hopes and plenty of loyalty for Lovrina at some point, but unlike Victini, he became disillusioned with her.

So now, instead of holding onto formalities and his broken dreams, Darkrai should stop viewing Lovrina as his partner altogether. If he still wants to have a human partner (and it definitely seems like it), he could ask Jen to be his partner instead. That way, she would be his parental figure/boss who’d treat Darkrai with love and respect. Instead of seeing him as a science project or a tool.

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well first the term "soul bonding slavement" i used was mainly an exaggeration,

becuase on your comment : "darkrai ever thought about getting a new partner? You know, to replace...."

key word was  "to replace"; i mean what is it  needed to re-place?, does darkrai has a bond so strong with lovrina he willing to be her "slave" that he needs to get a new bond in order to be free?
the answer is freaking no, there is nothing of that and darkrai is already free of said "slavement", he acknowledging Lovrina as his partner to wes, is just his polite nature to reffer the relationship he thought had with lovrina.

that is why you should PAY attention to all the PAST TENSE SENTENCES you just use
Darkrai .... was willing to forgive Lovrina .....he ...wanted her affection and attention

that why he needs to get a real bond, not to get a new one, he nerver had one to begin with.

****in order to make that less confussion think in a typical toxic relationship,
can you say there is actual love between the peolple who is part of something like that?
cause if you ask me i would say: nop, there is no love and without love there is no bond

but i'll take your word on what you said in the end

Darkrai NEEDS TO stop viewing Lovrina as his partner altogether.he could ask Jen to be his partner instead
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