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PMD: VF - 712: Seed
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Published: October 23, 2018
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Victory Fire 712

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pheonix212Hobbyist Artist
Zero isle.... 

The horrors

never did beat that outlaw in Zero Isles
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Rat-Man1Hobbyist Digital Artist
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It actually looks like he's building something to do with light or radiation. Hence the focusing element and the diagram showing something being reflected down a barrel-shaped structure. As we heard a couple of pages ago, it seems as though the shadow condition isn't a mystical state, but more like a biological sickness not unlike depression. If it's caused by certain cells misbehaving, it's possible that Mewtwo is trying to hinder the production of the chemicals causing the condition by using radiation treatment.
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My guess is a satellite. The problem is that (breaking the immersion) I don't know what Sulfur knows about satellite design.
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Zero Isle... I avoided that place like the plague.
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pheonix212Hobbyist Artist
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I don't think that's the Havoc Robe, but instead the Eclipse Robe (for Darkrai).  Remember The Pokemon Company like their puns and references and eclipses usually reference space so...  =P
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Is that the havoc robe?  It must be it came from zero isle.
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**went to google to search zero isle

oh the havoc robe, an special item for mewtwo so he can make stronger his pression ability

very interesting how Alakazam just found the person who that was woven for
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MaxCheng95Hobbyist General Artist
Is that some sort of a generator or reactor?
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OrangeRigbyStudent Writer
That looks... Complicated.
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kh180Hobbyist Digital Artist
Havoc Robe?
 Side Eyes Emoji 
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YarrixHobbyist Artist
... sure. Just take the easy way and just BUILD a new creation engine.
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paladinstormHobbyist Writer
Pretty sure the goal of late has been to help Darkrai. Mewtwo seems to be comfortable with the current state of their world after Jen's actions at the instruction of Hoopa, ability to see through the planet notwithstanding. It could use work, but he considered it stable, for now. Helping Darkrai seems to have taken precedence over everything else.
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YarrixHobbyist Artist
I think MewTwo tries to solve multiple problems at the same time. We will just have to wait and see what this machine is for then.
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paladinstormHobbyist Writer
Well it was made pretty clear he's not worried about the stability of the world anymore, and everything since getting back to town has been pretty much about helping Darkrai, so I feel it's safe to say it's meant for him... but who knows? Maybe he changed gears sometime since the last time we saw him working, but every scene with Mewtwo looking over notes or trying to work with Lovrina has been about Darkrai's condition, looking back now. I know some comments waffled on what he was trying to solve when he was looking over the notes, but the moment it was made clear they were Lovrina's notes, that should have removed all doubt.
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Is that some sort of purify chamber?
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South-WilliamsStudent Digital Artist
I'm gonna need to brush up on my items list.^^; I don't recall any sparkling blanket in the roster before... Meanwhile Mewtwo seems to be cooking up something good. ^^ Looks kinda  like a tesla coil.
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Assuming it's the Havoc Robe it's an interesting idea of what it might look like as the mystery dungeon exclusive items never got a visual depiction in the games to my knowledge.
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South-WilliamsStudent Digital Artist
Had to look it up. Good catch that it's from Zero Isle, but that's just way too convenient if it's the Havoc Robe. Yet would be absolutely perfect if it is what you say.^^ Although according to its description the Havoc Robe is a double edged sword, and I'm not sure how it would translate into a dynamic world such as a comic.^^; Still, very interesting. Very, very interesting... -w-
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paladinstormHobbyist Writer
What do you mean 'double-edged sword'? The only thing I can find on it is that it essentially doubles the effectiveness of Pressure, making it so opponents are four times gimped on move usage instead of just two-times gimped. I fail to see how that has any negatives. Is there something I'm not seeing?
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South-WilliamsStudent Digital Artist
Oh, I read the description wrong. XD I thought it said that it increases the amount of PP opponents have, not the amount of PP the opponent uses. My bad!
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A mind that could put so many to shame, with a heart easily matching.
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